My First PC Build In 3 1/2 Years…

My wife has recently qualified as a realtor and she needed her own PC for her new career, which of course also required a desk, chair and space in my home office. So we bought the desk and chair plus ordered parts for me to build a middle of the road PC and this is my experience with the build.

I already had a case, PSU, graphics card, mechanical hard disk and optical drive that was salvaged from older machines, all I needed to purchase was CPU, RAM, motherboard and SSD. I went for the following hardware, Intel Pentium G4400 3.3Ghz CPU, Gigabyte H110M-A (Rev. 1.0) motherboard, 8GB (2x4GB) Kingston HyperX Fury 2133Mhz DDR4 RAM and Kingston HyperX Fury 2.5″ 120GB SATA III SSD.

I started by installing the processor, heatsink/fan, RAM and front panel connectors on the motherboard outside of the case to make my life a little easier. This is the first time I have installed a pinless CPU (with the pins being on the motherboard instead), but it was no harder than installing a traditional CPU. Installation of the included Intel cooler was as simple as pushing the pins down into the motherboard.

After dropping the motherboard into the case and securing it, I was thinking I had a bad motherboard as nothing happened when I hit the power button. I checked the cabling to make sure I didn’t miss something, but I found nothing wrong. Then I moved the case and suddenly it sprang into life. It turns out the power switch on the Sentey G6060 was broken, so I transferred all the components to a second case.

Everything powered up just fine when transferred to the Ultra XBlaster V2, which did come with a power supply, but I did not use it as it doesn’t have long enough cables to reach the 24 pin and 4 pin power connectors on the Gigabyte H110M-A. Instead I used a Thermatake TR2 500w PSU, which has terrible ketchup and mustard cabling, but it doesn’t matter as the XBlaster V2 does not have a side panel window.

Now I knew the system powered on; I installed the AMD Radeon HD 6770 GPU and did some limited cable management, the XBlaster V2 case isn’t the best case for cable management, plugged in the HyperX SSD and 500GB mechanical hard disk and plugged in a monitor and tada; the computer posted.

Now, comes everyone’s favorite part, installing Windows 10; I planned to use a Windows 10 key (upgraded from Windows 8.1) from the same deceased laptop that donated the mechanical hard disk. But that was a no go, I could not get the key validated. Then, I remembered a video from Paul’s Hardware about how to get a legal Windows license for around $30, I paid a little over $31 for Windows 10 Pro.

Once Windows was installed; I did all the required Windows updates, installed a couple of pieces of software, Spybot Anti-Beacon and 10 Apps Manager. The former blocks all Microsoft’s embedded spyware and reapplies protection on boot while the later helps you easily uninstall Windows 10 apps.

Finally, a little about the new tech; the motherboard is a cheap LGA 1151 H110 chipset, it works as advertised, although some people have complained in reviews that it is not Z170 and only has HDMI video out. This baffles me, this information is available on merchants websites. Seriously, do people expect Z170 for $50? They’re complaining because they failed to read the specs before purchase.

Anyway, excuse the mini-rant… the H110M-A is a decent board, does what it says on the box. If I am going to nitpick, I would say that the single chassis fan connector is limiting and if you were not using a discreet graphics card, the HDMI only video out is limiting for many, not all monitors have HDMI inputs.

The Pentium G4400 is fast enough for everyday use; it might chug a little if doing complete tasks like video rendering; but my wife doesn’t do that, so it won’t be a problem. I ran a system stability test and the CPU barely touched 41°C with 1000rpm 120mm Coolermaster fans front and rear of the case. Likewise, the RAM and SSD performed as expected, a big step up from the 5400rpm mechanical drive in the laptop my wife was using. So all in all, I’m more than happy with the effective (new parts) $200 system.

Is It Time To Repeal The Radio Communications Ban In F1?

Lewis Hamilton 2016 Steering Wheel

Last weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku was such a bore that the only real talking point of the weekend was the radio communications ban after Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were running in the wrong engine mode causing a drop in performance; while their race engineers on the pit wall were unable to help due to the ban on radio communication that was implemented in 2016.

The interesting thing is that Rosberg had an issue with incorrect engine settings at the Spanish Grand Prix, causing his car to go into harvesting mode which directly caused the crash that took both Mercedes drivers out of the race and nothing was really said about the radio communication ban. Now it affected Hamilton in Azerbaijan, suddenly Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is calling for a rethink on the radio ban.

As someone that has no horse in this race between Hamilton and Rosberg, I think that Hamilton is being a whiny little bitch, especially after earlier in the weekend branding other drivers as moaners for their complaints about safety in Baku. Hamilton claims not being able to get advice from the pit wall is dangerous as he spent half the lap staring at his steering wheel trying to work out what is set incorrectly.

That aside; I believe the radio communication ban has gone too far; with the new V6 hybrid turbo engines being so complicated that drivers also need to be engineers. A common sense decision would be allow technical advice on engine modes, but not allow coaching, i.e. “take turn 1 in ‘x” gear at ‘x” speed”.

Another option would be to take it out of the drivers hands completely, make the engine control system completely automated, having the ECU control everything about the running of the engine, or have the engine map pre-programmed by the team for whatever strategy they intend to use in the session.

FIA president Jean Todt has brushed off complaints about the radio ban citing that all teams agreed unanimously about the technical and coaching radio ban. So unless all teams agree to change the rules, nothing will change in the immediate future. But, clearly some change is needed, a driver being in the car unaided and alone is silly when there are literally thousands of possible permutations and modes. Either ‘technical’ advice should be permitted or steering wheel controls need to be significantly simplified.

What Will It Take For These Elected Assholes To Take Action On Guns?

Pulse Club Shooting

Over the weekend, there was yet another mass shooting which left 49 innocent victims dead and 53 more injured. The gunman {who I refuse to name}, who is of Afghan descent was involved in a running firefight with off duty police officers working as security as he forced his way into the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL before firing an assault rifle indiscriminately inside before calling 911 to pledge allegiance to ISIS.

There has been 182 mass shootings in 2016; there has been six since Sunday’s massacre at the Pulse Club alone. Yet, congress refuses to do anything other than offer “thoughts and prayers” to the victims and their families; thoughts and prayers will not bring back all those innocent lives lost to gun violence.

Presumptive presidential nominee for the Republicans, Donald Trump reiterated his stance that if everyone in the club was armed with guns, it would have been a different story. And I agree, it would be a very different story, it would have been much worse. In a dark, noisy chaotic environment like a nightclub, 200+ alcohol fueled people all pulling guns and firing at perceived threats, what could possible go wrong?

The saddest thing is that it has become so normalized that we get mad for a day or two before moving on and forgetting about the dozens of victims of gun violence. In my home country of the UK; there was one mass shooting at a school in Dunblane, Scotland and public ownership of guns was swiftly restricted.

The issue is that so many members of congress take contributions from the National Rifle Association. Like all money in politics, these “donors” want something in return, Hillary can talk up the myth that money from interests they regulate does not affect their policy positions, but that will never make it true.

Don’t even get me started on the second amendment; which reads “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. Let’s start with the first phrase “A well regulated militia”; a bunch of untrained gun owners does not make a militia and it certainly is not organized in any way, shape or form, that’s for sure.

The second part “being necessary to the security of a free State”, just how? SHOULD the government want to take away your “free state”, no amount of guns or assault rifles will stop them. The second amendment is from a bygone age vastly different from today, time for an amendment for the modern age.

I would love to see a complete and total ban on public gun ownership; but that is next to impossible, so the next best thing is tighter control on guns, both in ability to purchase them and how to store them. There has been a number of cases in which children have shot parents because their firearm was not secured and out of reach of their children recently; this is far from responsible gun ownership.

I believe the average person is not responsible enough to own a deadly weapon; with gun ownership comes great responsibility. There are a lot of responsible gun owners, who store their firearm securely and take common sense precautions; but sadly a lot of guns are in the hands of people who seem to lack common sense, c’mon why store your gun in the back seat of your car where your child can get hold of it?

I understand that tighter gun regulation will not solve the problem, but if just one life can be saved because a person could not purchase a gun because of a mental or criminal issue, it’s worthwhile. In the Orlando shooting, the person who murdered 49 people had been investigated twice by the FBI on suspicion of terrorism, yet was still able to walk into a gun store and purchase an assault rifle, wow!

In Kansas, my state of residence, a 2015 change in gun laws means a permit is not required to purchase a firearm, nor is it a requirement to register said firearm. You cannot legally buy a car and drive it without registration, a license and insurance, so why are guns allowed to be sold without this documentation?

Back to congress, you can keep your thought and prayers; they mean absolutely nothing when you have the power to fix the problem; but keep taking the NRA money and do their bidding, never mind the thousands of people that are killed or injured by guns, we’re sick of congress’ do nothing mentality.

What Happened To Honest, Unbiased News Reporting?

Hillary Clinton At CNN Debate

During the 2016 democratic primary season I have learned that it is not at all democratic with 400+ super delegates pledging to vote for Hillary Clinton before a single public ballot was cast. And secondly, to the point of this article; so called news media have been misrepresenting the race from the very start, counting super delegates before they have even voted and are planning to raise Clinton’s hand in victory on Tuesday, June 7 at 8pm EST despite in all likelihood not passing the 2383 pledged delegate mark.

All US news media outlets have consistently included super delegates in the election results, exaggerating Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders, giving the impression that Sanders has no chance of winning the nomination; potentially swaying millions of voters who were on the fence towards Hillary’s yard. As I write this, Clinton’s real lead is only 290 pledged delegates, not a 792 delegate lead that the likes of CNN, MSNBC, FOX and AP are reporting. Super delegates don’t vote until the Democratic convention in July.

I am an unashamed Bernie Sanders supporter and I want him to stay in and fight to the bitter end. But I am also a realist; I know he faces a real uphill battle to turn the super delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. As mentioned Sanders is 290 pledged delegates behind; but there are 714 pledged delegates to play for this Tuesday; with a big enough margin, Sanders can, not only stop Clinton from getting the required number of delegates, but could take the lead in the race to be presidential nominee.

Let’s be realistic, the vast majority of super delegates are establishment through and through; they will vote for Hillary Clinton come hell or high water. They really, really don’t want a progressive socialist democrat being their nominee for president, Sanders wants to end their gravy train; end big money influencing our political system, that thing we laughingly call democracy here in the United States.

Do I think Sanders can convince enough super delegates to switch at the convention? No, not a chance in hell, but the movement has started. Thankfully the younger members of society ignore establishment cable news and consume online content instead, which is much more progressive. Thanks to progressive websites like US Uncut, Represent Us and online streaming services like The Young Turks, the large, growing progressive population can get real political information about the current situation.

Any news network proclaiming Hillary Clinton winner of the Democratic nomination for president on Tuesday night should be ashamed of themselves for willfully misleading America; none of these people can legitimately call themselves journalists if they willingly misrepresent the facts. The nomination will happen in Philadelphia on July 25th thru 28th and not before. The establishment media will strengthen the resolve of the Sanders supporters and potentially lead to the US having it’s first orange president.

Bottom line here, the news media is supposed to be there to report the facts, not use their influence to further their chosen candidates agenda. Some CNN political analysts are actually working for companies retained by the Clinton’s for heavens sake. At no point did CNN disclose this to it’s viewers, effectively misleading millions of potential voters. This is not unbiased reporting of the facts, it’s propaganda.

Exciting Times Ahead For AMD fans

AMD Radeon RX-480

Of course most have been fawning over the new Nvidia GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, me however, have been waiting for news of Polaris, AMD’s new graphics architecture and that news had recently dropped with the announcement of the RX 480 with 4/8GB of GDDR5 at an astonishing price and power requirement.

I am very much an unashamed fan of AMD; my first ever build was a AMD XP2000+ based system; although it did have the rather lackluster Geforce 4 MX440 GPU; and every one of my builds have been AMD based since. So I am very excited about the future of AMD with crossfired RX 480’s costing $400 in total if you choose the 4GB version, or $460 if you opt for the 8GB version, which according to AMD has better performance than the GTX 1080; of course you have to take that claim with a pinch of salt.

I fall into the category of being a performance per dollar buyer, I’m not interested in having the latest, fastest, most expensive technology; I want value for money, not bragging rights and AMD has always provided that for me. My current system consists of a FX-8350 CPU and R9-270X GPU and in general, it meets my needs, all the games I play run at 50+ FPS on high settings running on a 1080p 60hz panel.

My current machine is now close to four years old, although the R9-270X replaced a HD 6770 in 2014. I am now looking for an upgrade path and want to stick with AMD, so with Zen and Polaris on the horizon, it’s perfect timing for me as March 2017 is when I was thinking of making the upgrade happen.

By that time, there might be a RX 490 available for $300 as the AMD teaser event suggested the RX series would run between $199 and $299. This information is based upon the very knowledgeable AdoredTV on YouTube, have a watch of some of his videos; I find him to be very unbiased and he gives you an in-depth run down of the current state of play (some of which is speculation) in the PC technology arena.

Given a choice of paying $600 for the non-founders edition of the GTX 1080, $700 for the founders edition or $460 for dual 8GB RX 480s, I will take the latter. I’m looking forward the release of the RX 480 to see how it truly stacks up against the GTX 1070/80, we know manufacturers exaggerate performance.

Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 2016

Monaco 2016 Post Race Press Conference

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won his first race since the US Grand Prix back in October 2015; taking victory in the principality of Monte Carlo after a disastrous pit stop error by Red Bull gifted the Briton the lead on lap 32, not to say Hamilton was not deserving of victory, he made it work by staying out on full wet tires while others pitted for intermediates before switching to ultra soft slick tires on lap 31.

I have to admit that I am somewhat of Daniel Ricciardo fan and you have to feel for him, this is the second strategy/pit blunder in as many weeks that potentially denied him victory. I don’t believe that Red Bull screwed Ricciardo like the tin foil hat conspiracists, but you have to question the Red Bull decision makers after the bad strategic call in Spain and not having tires ready for the Australian during his second stop.

However I do question Hamilton’s actions in blocking Ricciardo on lap 37 after the Briton made a mistake at the Nouvelle chicane at the end of the tunnel. Hamilton aggressively cut back onto the racing line when the Australian had two wheels alongside, forcing him to lift off to avoid a collision. Hamilton didn’t give Ricciardo room, which went unpunished despite breaking the following rules in the FIA sporting code;

27.7 Any driver defending his position on a straight, and before any braking area, may use the full width of the track during his first move, provided no significant portion of the car attempting to pass is alongside his. Whilst defending in this way the driver may not leave the track without justifiable reason.

For the avoidance of doubt, if any part of the front wing of the car attempting to pass is alongside the rear wheel of the car in front this will be deemed to be a ‘significant portion’.

27.8 Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are not permitted.

Ricciardo expressed his frustration over team radio as he took the chequered flag saying “Nothing you can say can make it any better. Just save it.”, understandable after Red Bull threw away a certain victory.

Moving onto other drivers, an excellent drive from Force India’s Sergio Perez scoring a fantastic podium. I’m not sure how he did it as the TV cameras were focused on the battle for the lead, but it’s a mighty performance to climb 5 places on the streets of Monaco. Perez has gone up significantly in my estimation in the past 12 months, putting his more experienced team mate Nico Hulkenberg in the shade.

Ferrari had a poor day at the races, Sebastian Vettel really didn’t have the pace to get past the Force India of Perez and finished exactly where he started in 4th place. Team mate, Kimi Raikkonen had an exceptionally poor race, first hitting the armco at the hairpin breaking his front wing, then blocked HAAS’ Romain Grosjean as his wing got stuck under the car and eventually retired at the end of the tunnel.

McLaren, on the other hand had an amazing day finishing in 5th and 9th places, Fernando Alonso moving up five places from 10th spot on the grid. Jenson Button brought the second McLaren home in 9th place, four places up on his starting position. Not exactly upto the high standards we expect from the Woking based team, but after a troubled year and a half, this is an amazing result for the Honda powered team.

Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg took the chequered flag in 6th place overtaking world championship leader Nico Rosberg on the final lap. Rosberg was slow from the outset, holding up team mate, Hamilton before being ordered to let the Briton pass to chase down Ricciardo. Rosberg claimed to have brake issues, but it transpired that he simply didn’t have confidence in the car underneath him, the German tumbled from 2nd place to 7th place as the chequered flag waved, a disappointing performance to say the least.

Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz finished the race in 8th place while team mate Danill Kyvat retired after technical issues and later a collision with Kevin Magnussen. Williams’ Felipe Massa claimed the final points paying position followed by team mate Valteri Bottas, a disappointing day for Williams for sure.

Max Verstappen went from hero, winning the Spanish Grand Prix two weeks ago to zero in Monte Carlo crashing twice, once in the qualifying 1 session, which saw him start from the pit lane and again in the race. Verstapppen was making good progress through the field, breaking into the top 10 before getting off the dry line through Beau Rivage into Massenet putting his Red Bull into the armco and out of the race. I have no doubt that Verstappen is a future world champion, but the move to the senior Red Bull Racing team was a little premature, I believe he would have benefited from another year at Toro Rosso.

So overall, I would give the race 5/10; I’m no fan of Monaco as a race; but the “jewel in the crown” is here to stay despite it’s often processional nature. Obviously highlight of the race was the battle for the lead between Hamilton and Ricciardo, but it would have been nice to see how Perez, Alonso and Button made up the positions they did, but the FIA TV director was understandably fixated on the battle for the lead.

Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix 2016

Max Verstappen Wins Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix of 2016 not only brought us a new winner this year, but also a first time winner, and youngest ever winner in F1. Max Verstappen claimed victory in his first outing in the Red Bull senior team, benefiting from the Mercedes duo tangling at turn 4 on the opening lap of the race.

Polesitter, Lewis Hamilton got off the line well initially, but then got wheel spin through 3rd/4th gears allowing team mate Nico Rosberg to clean drive around the outside of the Briton at turn 1. As the German came out of turn 3, his car went into energy harvesting mode due to not being in the correct engine mode at the start, which allowed Hamilton to make a run up the inside. Rosberg realized very late that Hamilton was making a move up the inside and aggressively cut across the Briton forcing him onto the grass causing Hamilton to lose control and hit Rosberg, both drivers ending up in the gravel and out of the race.

With both Mercedes out of the race; that suddenly got my attention as I realized that there would be a new winner. After the safety car had returned to the pits after clearing up the debris from the Mercedes crash, it was Daniel Ricciardo, Verstappen and junior Red Bull driver, Carlos Sainz in the three podium positions. However, Sainz quickly fell backwards as the much faster Ferrari’s moved past the Spaniard.

Now, we get to how Verstappen claimed victory, on lap 29 Red Bull pitted Ricciardo for his third set of tires, to which Ferrari reacted, pitting Vettel while Verstappen and Raikkonen continued on for half dozen more laps, moving both drivers onto a two stop strategy, while Ricciardo and Vettel were committed to a three stop strategy. It was clear in the final third that 2 stops was the fastest route to the chequered flag.

The two leading drivers that stopped twice, finished 1 and 2, while the two drivers that pitted 3 times finished 3 and 4. Ricciardo who dropped behind Vettel in the final round of stops was challenging the German for 3rd before being forced to make a 4th stop due to a puncture. However, Ricciardo had a substantial lead over 5th place driver Valteri Bottas and retained 4th despite the 65th lap puncture.

Toro Rosso driver, Carlos Sainz finished in a very solid sixth place behind the Williams of Bottas while Sergio Perez, Felipe Massa, Jenson Button and Danill Kvyat round out the top 10 finishers. It’s good to see Button and McLaren in the points, even if it’s lowly points, hopefully McLaren can build on this performance in Monaco with both cars finishing in the top 10. Fernando Alonso stopped on track with a power unit failure scuppering any chance of a double points finish for the Woking based team.

Overall, I would say this is the best race of the season so far; with the Mercedes out of the picture, it made the whole race much more exciting not knowing who would win the race. It was a strategic win, if all four leading drivers were on the same two stop strategy, any one of Verstappen, Raikkonen, Ricciardo or Vettel would have claimed the top step, but on this day, it was Verstappen that took a historic win.

Sanders “Twitterforce” trends #DropOutHillary with 400k+ Tweets!

Bernie Sanders For President

After Bernie Sanders “shock win” in the Indiana primary and Donald Trump effectively clinching the presidential nomination for the Republicans after Ted Cruz and John Kasich drop out of the race. The Internet has started a new trend #DropOutHillary on social media and has kept it trending for more than 24 hours, despite Twitter’s attempts to slow down the movement by dropping the hashtag from trends.

Twitter showed it’s true colors yesterday, at one point, the autocomplete for #DropOutHillary disappeared while #DropOutBernie, #DropOutKasich and the much lesser used #DropOutClinton were still populated. Late yesterday evening, #DropOutHillary was trending outside the top 10 despite having 60% more tweets than the #1 trend and today it has disappeared from the top 20 trends despite 11,000 tweets containing the #DropOutHillary hashtag between 8am and 9am, that’s 183.33 tweets a minute, 3 tweets a second.

First of all, I’d like to address the idiots that have labeled the #DropOutHillary movement sexist. We are using the hashtag to expose her proven past transgressions, there is nothing sexist about that. The majority of progressives/Bernie supporters would like a female president, but we don’t want Hillary to be the first female president, it’s about policy and trustworthiness, not whether she has a vagina or not!

We are truly sick of being called sexist because we are opposed to Hillary becoming commander and chief. We are not Bernie Bros, infact half of us progressives are women. We believe there’s a better way forward than more establishment politics. Hillary’s supporters usual sexist argument is getting old!

I would also like to point out that the #DropOutHillary movement was a direct response to Hillary supporters (paid or otherwise) trying to trend #DropOutBernie. The Bernie supporters are mighty on social media; turning it into a massive win for Bernie Sanders and the progressive movement of 2016.

The bottom line is people are pissed off with the way this election has been rigged through closed elections, voter suppression and the blatant mainstream media bias towards Hillary Clinton. For Example, on Tuesday night, while Bernie Sanders was giving his victory speech, CNN decided to show a split screen of Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s empty stages, ignoring the Bernie Sanders speech completely.

Not to mention the reporting of super delegates in election totals which misleads their viewers into believing that Hillary has an insurmountable lead. This is not true, super delegates don’t vote until the democratic convention and Clinton is only 302 pledged delegates ahead with over 900 still up for grabs.

Clarification: I understand that Bernie cannot take overall victory by reaching 2383 delegates, but he can stop Hilary from reaching that total and *maybe* even overhaul her lead if he can win the remaining states by a big enough margin. Again, I know it’s unlikely that he can gain enough delegates, but Bernie will go into the democratic convention and see what happens, super delegates may bow to public pressure and change their support from Hillary to Bernie. If the democratic party go with Hillary and she loses to Trump because the #BernieOrBust‘ers follow through with their threat and stay home on election day, then they have no-one else to blame, the signs are there that “we, the people” are not happy.

Moving onto closed elections, some with party affiliation registration as much as six months in advance has taken millions of *possibly* votes away from Bernie Sanders due to the base of his supporters being independents and unable to vote in closed elections. Unfortunately the democratic party is extremely undemocratic, excluding voters based on no party affiliation is about as undemocratic as you can get.

In a true democracy there would be no party affiliation needed, just a general registration to vote, then turn up at the polling place and vote for your choice of presidential candidate whether on team blue, team red or team independent. In the 21st century, it’s time for the two party system to fade into history.

Then the biggest issue for many is that Hillary takes money from corporate interests that she would be in charge of regulating as president. The likes of Goldman Sachs don’t pay her hundreds of thousands of dollars just for a speech, they want something in return. This is not unique to Hillary, Washington is hopelessly corrupt and broken and this is why progressives and Bernie want to get money out of politics.

There are repeated calls for Hillary to release the Goldman Sachs speeches transcripts, which she has steadfastly refused to do, saying “I’ll release them when everyone else does”, which is a non argument now as only Sanders and Trump remain and neither of them have given Wall Street speeches. We don’t need to see the transcripts; her refusal is all we need to know, she wouldn’t hide innocuous speeches.

Next, we have the way Hillary has used the DNC and state democratic parties to fund her campaign, circumventing campaign financing rules, allowing her rich donors to indirectly donate over $214,000 to her campaign using the DNC and states, in what is effectively a money laundering operation. Hillary’s campaign has taken over 99% of the available funds which were earmarked for democratic state elections, which must call into question DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz impartiality.

Oops, I called another woman out on her record and impartiality, I must be sexist!

Now we move onto the biggie, Hillary Clinton is under federal investigation over her private Email server which contained Email’s which have retroactively been marked “classified” by the government from the time she was secretary of state. She also deleted upto 30,000 Emails which she claimed were personal, which the FBI have now recovered from her server, but has not released its findings to my knowledge.

There is a real chance that she might be indicted either before the convention, but more likely after the convention which will throw the whole democratic party into chaos and more than likely gift the presidency to Donald Trump, which frankly scares the shit out of me, everyone to the escape pods.

I could go on and on about all the scandals Hillary Clinton has been linked to; but I will stop and say this; where there is smoke, there is fire, there are far too many scandals to simply dismiss. So Vote Bernie Sanders and keep up the #DropOutHillary Twitterstorm, maybe convince some people to vote for Bernie.

[Update: May, 6 2016, 13:01] I have decided to add some cold hard figures from Real Clear Politics showing the difference between Clinton Vs Trump and Sanders Vs Trump in an average of national polls.

Trump Vs ClintonTrump Vs Clinton, Average Of National Polls, 5/6/2016

Trump Vs SandersTrump Vs Sanders, Average Of National Polls, 5/6/2016

Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix 2016

Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg extended his world drivers championship lead over team mate Lewis Hamilton by another seven points taking his seventh consecutive victory at the Russian Grand Prix.

When it comes to Rosberg, there really is nothing to write, he got off the line first, reached turn 2 first and took the chequered flag first, there’s the whole race story for Rosberg. Hamilton had some luck with the first quarter lap carnage to jump from 10th to fifth place by turn 4 and later used his superior car to move past Massa, Raikkonen and Bottas to eventually close to within 8 seconds of team mate Rosberg before having to cool his pace due to a water pressure issue, sending the conspiracy nuts into a frenzy.

The start itself was pretty frenetic with Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel making a good start to be challenging for firth place into turn 2; but Daniil Kvyat straight up drove into the back of Vettel, pushing him into Ricciardo causing a chain reaction with multiple contacts to the left of the incident. Kvyat was not done, he drove into the back of Vettel a second time in turn 3, pitching the German into the barrier and out of the race.

The race was far from a classic, other than the first 3 corners on lap one, the race was fairly unremarkable, we expect Hamilton is a class leading car to rise to the front, we see it race after race when a Mercedes start further back than the first few rows. But standout performances were Fernando Alonso in a McLaren taking the chequered flag in sixth place, Kevin Magnussen in the Renault claiming seventh place from 17th on the grid and another points finish for Romain Grosjean and HAAS taking 8th place.

I am really struggling to get into F1 this season because we know that a Mercedes 1-2 is likely 8/10 times, don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of action in the midfield, but knowing that a Mercedes driver will be world champion and the Mercedes team will be constructors champion before a wheel is turned in anger, makes the whole season mute in my view, I want to see 3, 4 or 5 way battles for the titles.

With Ferrari’s reliability issues and bad luck, the slight hope of the Prancing Horse mounting a serious challenge has dwindled to almost nothing, I watch the race on the DVR because I don’t have the incentive to get up at 7am to watch it live and then I only pay half attention as I am working on something on my laptop as I watch the race. I feel that Formula 1 has become a very sad reflection of it’s former self.

Common Sense Rules For Transgender Bathroom Usage…

So I was watching Tech Talk featuring JayzTwoCents and Barnacules on Youtube and Jay and Jerry (Barnacules) were talking about the whole furor over transgender people using the bathroom of the sex they identify with. I was all ready to get mad with Jay’s view on men should go into the men’s bathroom and women in the woman’s bathroom, but I listened to his view and he made some valid points.

First of all, neither Jay nor Jerry is suggesting that we should have laws enforcing rules one way or the other, instead it should come down to individual businesses choosing to take gender consideration away and have unisex bathrooms or choose the traditional separate male and female bathrooms.

The bathroom issue comes down to personal views, same as religion; these views should remain personal and not be politicized by making those personal views city/state law. In some cases, Oxford, Alabama has actually criminalized using a bathroom not of the gender on your birth certificate, meaning a trans-person could be fined upto $500 or even jailed for six months for using the “wrong” bathroom.

We have to remember that businesses do not have to provide a bathroom at all, it’s a courtesy, not a right. Local or federal government regulating public bathrooms that do not belong to them is crazy! How do they plan to enforce these bathroom laws, will they have a “dick checker” at the bathroom door?

It does amuse me that the same people that oppose big government when it comes to gun control are the same people that support these ludicrous bathroom bills. Of all the issues America faces in 2016, these petty bureaucrats are worried about what bathroom a person goes into to relieve themselves.

I understand people fearing that men could enter a woman’s bathroom and attack them, but most of that belief is based on political and media scaremongering, just like the Trump campaign on Muslims and terrorism. The reality is that it could happen anyway, even with these discriminatory laws and there is next to no evidence that transgender people, pre or post-op have committed crimes in a bathroom.

The question is; should we be forcing transgender persons who have fully transitioned into the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate? The photo below is of Michael Hughes, a transgender man from Houston, TX in a woman’s bathroom. This will be the result of these bathroom laws that will make him use the ladies facilities instead of the men’s, which I guess would make women feel uncomfortable?

Transgender Man In Woman's Bathroom

This just highlights the absurdity of these bathroom laws, politicians pass bills according to their personal beliefs without thinking about the real world consequences of their, let’s call it what it is, bigotry.

For trans women, it’s worse, fully transitioned women being forced into the men’s room are likely to be attacked and beaten, despite being a female in every way apart from her birth certificate saying male.

Society is changing and passing laws to try to slow that change will not work. Regardless of the laws, most transgender persons will use the bathroom of the gender they identify with and the majority of people will be oblivious to their transgender status. These laws are designed to be discriminatory against those who are different, just like the civil rights era where non-whites were excluded from everyday activities.

Let’s be brutally honest here, these laws are driven by religion, which itself is a form of control, follow God’s rules or you will be punished. We’re supposed to have separation of church and state; which in 2016 couldn’t be further from the truth, laws and even presidential campaigns are driven by religious beliefs. Businesses can somehow be religious entities and force it’s employee’s to follow it’s doctrine.

I have lost count of how many times presidential candidate Ted Cruz has used God and religion in his policy speeches. Religion has no place in politics full stop, end of story. Any politician using their PERSONAL BELIEFS to create legislation should be immediately removed from their position.

Of course, that won’t happen, GUNS & BIBLES, two words to sum up America at this time. Hopefully in the future that will change as younger progressives gain power and change the position of the USA.