Another Day…

..Another hangover. I went out to yet another live gig at the Phoenix featuring Brat, No Comply, and Howards Alias, pics here. I had planned to just go home after the gig at 11pm, but was talked into going onto a club, what a really bad idea that was, drank way too much, and I still have the hangover to prove it, but on the upside, I managed to spend only £4, most of my drinks were bought for me, which is just as well really, I am really skint, managed to get hit by 3 utility bills in the same week, nothing for weeks, then suddenly got smacked in the face by 3 of the bloody things.

Something else that has been bugging me is crap cover versions, specifically Zwan’s easy listening version of Iron Maiden’s, Number of the Beast, and Cradle of Filth’s death metal version of Fear of the Dark, how can these bands perform such criminal acts against these classic songs? I think they should be lined up and shot for crimes against good taste.

Currently listening to the sound of my PC’s 7 cooling fans whirring…

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