Seven days in Wichita!

A lot has happened in the past seven days. Erin and I are now married, and Erin has fallen pregnant with twins and I really couldn’t be happier! OK, that isn’t true but a lot has happened, maybe not in everyone’s opinion but it’s important to me. Last Monday myself and Erin went back to Sedgwick County Zoo on our own to take a leisurely walk around looking at the animals (more photos in the galleries) and generally enjoying each others company. It’s wonderful to have family days out but at the same time it’s great to have some alone time with Erin. Obviously because of Erin’s work schedule our alone time is limited but I am happy to take what I can get. Something that has got me down a little is the lack of things for me to do while Erin is working. I am not used to sitting around twiddling my thumbs, the first four weeks were fine but the past week it has started to frustrate me. I have worked pretty much continuously for the past eight years so doing nothing is tough to take. I am going to start looking around at possible work here in Wichita to be able to weigh up my employment options. Obviously I can’t actually work on a tourist visa but it can’t hurt to find out my options. With a little luck I will be able to get back into sound work as I do love working with sound. I would even consider taking a step down and working as an understudy to get my foot in the door (so to speak). On Sunday we took care of the laundry as usual which in itself isn’t much fun but what made my day is when one of the other kids asked Conner if his dad was there and he pointed to me. Which made me feel really good as that is what I want more than anything, to have the family I have craved for so many years. I know that Conner isn’t actually my son but I think of him as my son as he has been such a big part of my life for the past year. Erin and I have our differences like every couple but for the most part things are wonderful and I am incredibly happy. Erin and I have also been looking at wedding venues and have found that Wichita doesn’t offer very attractive wedding venues compared to what I am used to back home in the UK. Myself and Erin have very similar tastes when it comes to decor. Homes and venues here in the US completely lack character, there’s no real history, no real heritage to speak of. We certainly ain’t going to get married in a church as I am agnostic and Erin is wiccan. We are thinking of just going to the justice of the peace to get married, we are hoping to get married in July after I wrap things up back in the UK! There was one venue that we both liked, the outside isn’t what we would have liked but the inside is fabulous. But it seems that they are racist bastards and don’t allow African Americans on the premises but of course they never said that in so many words. They just said that we could only hold our wedding there if we could get sponsored by a member. Which I guess they assume that we wouldn’t know any members because we are an interracial couple.

My sporting interests back home had a good week. The English national football team beat Germany  1 – 2 in the Olympic Stadium, Berlin. Plymouth Argyle beat Cardiff City 2 – 1 at Home Park and Liverpool failed to capitalise on Chelsea’s draw with Newcastle at Stamford Bridge being held to a scoreless draw with Fulham at Anfield! The game in Berlin has no real consequence as the game was only a friendly but it feels great when England beat the old foe on their own turf and it will give the Englishmen great confidence going into the remaining world cup qualifiers. Plymouth’s win over Cardiff takes the Pilgrims upto 7th in the Championship behind Cardiff as Argyle didn’t beat the Welshmen by the margin required to overhaul them! Liverpool missed the opportunity to go top of the Premiership being held to a 0 – 0 draw with Fulham at Anfield. Manchester United failed to close the gap on the leaders being held to a scoreless draw at Villa Park, so the status quo remains at the top of the Premier League!

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