Vettel:Webber . It’s still rumbling on…

While Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel have buried the hacket vowing not to allow the collision to ruin their working relationship; many other F1 figures past and present have been wading into the debate. Former FIA president Max Mosley has said that the crash was not Vettel’s fault; which is another way to say that he believes it was Webber’s fault. Mosley claims that Vettel was clearly faster and Webber should have moved over to allow Vettel to pass. But Vettel was only faster by virtue of being allowed to run unrestricted while Webber was told to turn the mixture down to conserve fuel. Webber matched Vettel lap after lap; the German was not making inroads into Webber’s lead until the Australian to was told to save fuel by the team. Former team boss at Red Bull’s “B” team Toro Rosso, Gerhard Berger believes that Mark should have given Sebastian the line into the corner because they were team mates; also saying that if it was a McLaren coming through he should of held his line. One word sums up Berger’s statement … BULLSHIT … this is motor racing not synchronised driving, both drivers were fighting for the lead in the race and drivers championship. If it’s going to be about team orders then I would rather have 26 teams with one car than 13 teams of two cars. And finally Mark Webber should have been told to allow Vettel past but his race engineer didn’t have the heart to pass on the message to the Aussie.

Liverpool have terminated Rafael Benitez contract by mutual consent after a disappointing 2009/10 domestic league and European campaign. The Spaniard had been linked with Juventus before the end of the season but pledged his future to Liverpool to quash those rumours. It seems that the Liverpool board didn’t feel the same way just one year into Benitez’s five year contract. Benitez only renewed his contract last year, committing to five more years at Anfield. So with the club £351m in debt with owners that want to sell and now no manager, things aren’t looking good for the Reds at this time with a summer transfer budget expected to be a meagre £10 – £15m, which for a Premiership club is a tiny budget. Plus some big names including Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres have been linked with other clubs. Given the clubs current financial state I wouldn’t be surprised to see both player leave Anfield before the start of next season.

Some news from my own life here in Kansas, my son Conner has been officially diagnosed as a “high functioning autistic”. We had suspected that Conner was autistic before I arrived in the US and this has just proved that our judgement was correct. We will get the final assessment on the 17th June which will allow us to apply for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) which will help massively as therapy for Conner is going to be expensive, just getting him assessed has cost us $500 on top of what our insurance covered. While on the subject of finances, I am starting to get some replies from jobs I have applied for; they maybe rejections but at least it’s a reply, only 10% of the jobs I applied for have actually acknowledged my applications. In the mean time I have been looking into getting my US High School Diploma or at minimum a GED (General Educational Development); the former is more desirable but could take a year to complete. I’m not happy about having to go back to school again; 17 years after I left school in the UK. But hell, you need an associates degree to work in McDonalds these days according to Erin! Now something that doesn’t happen very often in Kansas; something that was fun. Erin, Conner and I went to the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, KS and Erin and I thoroughly enjoyed it; even wishing we had more time to spend there, both of us are huge space geeks. For $17 per person; we got to see a planetarium show, IMAX show “Hubble” and Dr Goddard’s lab which was a live demonstration of how rockets work plus an excellent space museum with exhibits including real examples of the German V1 and V2 rockets and life sized replica of the ’69 lunar module that landed on the moon, which Erin got very excited about!

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