I’m ready to kill the kid!

Before someone calls social services; the title is  metaphorically speaking, I’m not actually going to kill him! Over the past couple of days my son Conner has not been eating or drinking at school making himself sick because he needs to eat and drink because of the ADHD medicine he is on. Monday night he complained of a headache, which I found out to be related to him not drinking any water all day. I gave him some children’s Tylenol and made him drink a large glass of water and he was fine again. On Tuesday evening I found him laying on the bed totally silent after coming home, which is not like him at all. I asked if he was feeling OK and he said no; he had another headache and of course he hadn’t eaten or drunk anything all day; so I went ahead and gave him more Tylenol and water and he went back to his room. After about five minutes I hear him in the bathroom throwing up the water and Tylenol I just gave him. At this point it was obvious that taking the ADHD drug without eating has made him really sick. I had him keep drinking water so he had something to throw up; it’s not pleasant throwing up stomach acid. Now we get to the point where my annoyance really started; instead of staying in the bathroom and drinking water like I asked him to; he was in my bedroom with Erin hovering around and promptly threw up all over Erin’s laptop. Bearing in mind that all he had to throw up was water; as we all know; electrical products and water don’t mix well. The net result is that the water had penetrated the keyboard and the motherboard below that. The system will no longer boot; it stops at POST showing a CPU malfunction. If it was just the keyboard I could have replaced that but since the liquid penetrated the motherboard, it’s likely to be a complete motherboard replacement which isn’t financially worthwhile; not that we have the spare cash to spend on computer repairs anyway.

This is why I am mightily pissed off with Conner; if he stayed in the bathroom like I asked him, this would have never happened. What really got to me is that after ruining Erin’s laptop; he asked if he could use my laptop to play games on It seems he either doesn’t understand what he has done or simply doesn’t care. I’m not willing to let him use my computer for two reasons, (1) he needs to learn the consequences of his actions; and (2) I don’t trust him on my computer, he just clicks “yes” to any old popup that comes up despite both Erin and I making a point of telling him to tell us if anything pops up. I have lost track of how many times I have had to remove “Norton Security Scan” from Erin’s system. Plus two complete reinstalls as it was infested with spyware that was installed with games he installed without our knowledge. Personally I wouldn’t let Conner near a computer again, but no doubt Erin will let him use her new laptop when she gets one after the new year when we *hopefully* get a decent tax rebate. I realise that Conner didn’t throw up on the laptop deliberately but non-the-less he didn’t do as he was told and this is the result. He’s had a bad week this week, he’s not allowed to watch TV because he pooped in his pants again and tried to hide the evidence; the boy is six years old, this is ridiculous. We are thinking of sending him to a special education school where he will have more attention paid to him, making him eat etc; as he needs to eat to avoid getting sick; he is off school today as he spent half the night throwing up and he has been hovering around me getting into everything, generally making a nuisance of himself because he isn’t allowed to watch TV or DVD’s because of his previous pooping in his pants incident. I had to send him to his room before I ended up strangling him!

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