Two teams, two 2 – 0 defeats!

Plymouth Argyle slumped to another defeat; this time 2 – 0 to Notts County. Even by manager Peter Reids standards; Plymouth were “poor all over the pitch”; going onto say “We didn’t win any second balls, we didn’t win any tackles and we didn’t pass the ball and we got beat by a side who wanted it more than us.” I haven’t seen the game personally but when a manager says that about his own team; they must have been piss poor. Plymouth now find themselves just one point off the relegation zone and a massive twelve points off the top of the table after just twelve games. But it seems that Sir Roy Gardner’s five year plan to get into the Premiership now lies in tatters, I see no indication that Plymouth have the ability to bounce straight back up to Championship football this season given how poor Argyle have been playing this year. It’s hard to know where to go from here from a managerial point of view; Peter Reid has some hard thinking to do to turn Plymouth’s season around. I’m not sure whether he has any sort of budget for new players; but it seems that new blood is needed as the current batch doesn’t seem to be up to the job.

Liverpool also lost 2 – 0 in the Merseyside derby at Goodison Park against Everton . The Reds were piss poor in their first outing under new ownership and it seems that manager Roy Hodgson was delusional in the post match interview; claiming he had no idea of how Liverpool lost. Liverpool were outplayed and never really looked like scoring; FernandoTorres was massively ineffective in the game; Liverpool were comprehensively beaten by their local rivals, Hodgson’s comments after the game were delusional at best, if he doesn’t even realise when his team plays badly; he needs to be replaced; Personally I would like see Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish as manager; I believe Dalglish has what it takes to motivate Liverpool back to winning ways. The Scot had previously said that he didn’t want to job but maybe that’ll change now the club is under new ownership. After this defeat Liverpool find themselves second bottom of the league ahead of West Ham on goal difference, 13 points of league leaders Chelsea. I don’t remember Liverpool being in this much trouble in the league in all my years of supporting the Reds; that’s almost 30 years!

Just as a general observation; I have been noticing that some Ferrari F1 fans simply can’t see the wood from the forest of Ferrari propaganda. My view on Ferrari’s latest team orders scandal in Germany was that Ferrari didn’t agree with “no team orders” rule so therefore disregarded the rule and went ahead and implemented team orders anyway knowing they were breaking the rules. Using the argument “others have used team orders” is not a valid excuse; sure other teams have almost certainly used team orders but at least they were discrete about it; Ferrari basically stuck two fingers upto the governing body by the way they implemented their “team tactics” as the Maranello based team have labelled it. I’m going to use an analogy that I used on my son; “If McLaren jumped off a cliff; would you follow them off the cliff?” That’s basically the excuse that Ferrari used; “McLaren started it; they used team orders first”. I would rather have any team that can be proven to have used team orders this season retroactively punished than allow Ferrari to use that incredibly weak defence; Ferrari certainly brought the sport into disrepute with their blatant disregard of the rules and regulations in Germany, but no action was taken by the FIA.

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