What a nightmare!

As described in my previous blog entry, our car is an insurance write-off and the car was valued at $4,600 and some change which is better than we thought and will allow us to get a reasonable car. But to claim the insurance we need the title, which has gone missing so we need to apply for another one which can take 4 – 6 weeks to receive so we paid extra, five times as much to get it expedited to receive it within a week. But the bad news is; if the insurance company has registered the car as salvage, we will need to get the status changed at our local DMV which will cost another $10. Then go back to the title services company to get it expedited again, which costs $55 or wait the 4 – 6 weeks for normal service. I really hope that the title comes back clear or we are going to be without a family car for two to three weeks as we have to return the hire car next Wednesday. I guess we’ll just have to make do with my Chevy Cavalier to transport the kids, not the ideal situation but at least we have a car which is better than having no car!

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