Crazy and frustrating couple of days

In the last couple of days I have been so busy running around getting things done, like renewing the tags on our cars, which was much less expensive than last year, almost $30 less in fact, I guess it pays to hold onto your car longer, brand new; our SUV would cost over $500 for road tax. At least this year the system was much better, they had a separate queue for tag renewal, instead of take a number for all DMV services. Despite having the tag for my wife’s car; she has forgotten to put it on her plate; I’ll do it tonight as she’ll end up driving around with an expired tag as it expires today!

I wanted to get my son’s enrollment in school done yesterday or today but I ran out of time after running around to various appointments, enrollment stopped at 1pm yesterday and today, tomorrow and Thursdays enrollment runs until 7pm which allows me to get there, pay the fees and hand in the paperwork. I could’ve done it online, except pay the fees, but I’ve lost the Parent Assist password!

And finally, I pulled my Canon DSLR camera out of it’s bag and took some shots and this image on the right is what came out, click on image to enlarge. I’m baffled why this happened given that the camera has lived in it’s bag for the past four weeks and all this crap got onto the sensor, there is even some dirt on the prism which I can see through the viewfinder but it doesn’t affect the photo so I can live with it! I took it back to Best Buy and they said because it’s more than a month old, they can’t exchange it but could sent it off to Canon, but I’d rather not send the camera off and have to wait weeks to get it back. The guy at Best Buy recommended Moler’s Camera on East Douglas Avenue here in Wichita to get the sensor cleaned. I paid Moler’s a visit and they cleaned the sensor in about 10 minutes and it only cost $20, I would definitely recommend Moler’s Camera over sending your camera back to the manufacturer.

Also, the wife and I went to Outback Restaurant on Sunday evening; I had a burger and my wife had the filet mignon, my burger was really greasy, literally dripping off the burger as I ate it and it tasted very bland. My wife’s steak was also very bland, like they never seasoned either piece of meat at all. But they pulled it out of the fire as they took both meals off the check and only charged us for our drinks, we left over a 100% tip as the bill only came to $9, we left an $11 tip because of their high level of customer service, poor quality food but amazing customer service!

Then yesterday, I went through the McDonalds drive-through and ordered one hamburger Happy Meal and one chicken nugget Happy Meal and a large Big Mac meal and what I received was two chicken nugget Happy Meals and a medium Big Mac meal. They confirm the order, yet still manage to get it wrong, I’m dumbfounded that McDonalds have such a hard time getting an order right!

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