$40 package gone MIA!

A week ago I ordered three items for my DSLR camera from Amazon and I used the free shipping option which is sent via FedEx Smartpost, which means that FedEx deliver to the local USPS depot for final delivery. On Friday, I get notification via text that my package had been delivered, so I duly walked over to my mailbox to find no package nor key to open the package dropbox.

I call FedEx and they tell me that it was dropped off at my local USPS depot and that their responsibility had ended, I call USPS, of course they were closed, but I had to spend two minutes selecting options to find that out. Anyway, I call back the next day and they say they’ll launch an investigation to try to locate my package, promising to call me back on Monday with their findings.

Finally I call Amazon, or rather they called me after I requested a call through their website and they said I will have to wait until the 15th September before taking action, but if the package hasn’t arrived by then, they’ll resend the items sold directly by them and refund the money from the other items. At least I won’t be losing out financially, and why should I? It’s not my fault that the USPS dropped the ball, I suspect that they delivered the package to the wrong mailbox.

I may not being losing out financially but it’s frustrating non-the-less as the missing package contains items I would have liked to have used this weekend, I bought a selection of macro filters, three other filters and an eyepiece extension which will help me using the eyepiece more comfortably as I wear glasses and I can’t see 100% of the image at the same time. Hopefully, it has just been misdelivered and will arrive in my mailbox early next week, but I’m not very hopeful!

Update [September 9, 2012 @ 22:37]: The package eventually turned up, it was delivered to one of our neighbours mailbox it seems, When my son went outside to play with his friends, the package was wedged between our screen door and front door. I don’t know who returned the package to me, but I’d like to say thank you for being so honest; it’s a rare trait these days!

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