Are the rumours true? Lewis Hamilton moving to Brackley for 2013?

Ever seen BBC pundit and former team owner Eddie Jordan broke the news that Lewis Hamilton had signed a three year deal with Mercedes starting next season last week; I’ve heard so much commentary from just about everyone about the Briton’s rumoured move to Brackley, while Hamilton, Mercedes and McLaren all deny any deal has been done. From a personal standpoint, I hope that the rumours are true and he parts company with McLaren, I’m sick and tired of hearing how Hamilton is a can-do-no-wrong God while putting down Jenson Button at every opportunity!

I’ve heard lots of rumours concerning Hamilton being offered clear #1 status at Mercedes as well as a £45m over three years contract with sponsorship deals pushing his salary upto £60m while McLaren are offering considerably less than what he receives currently at the Woking based team!

Let’s address each rumour, clear #1 status, assuming that Nico Rosberg remains with Mercedes, I can’t see him accepting being a #2 driver; and rightfully so, he is a potential future world champion given the right car. Next rumour, upto £60m salary over three years, this is very likely, Mercedes have plenty of money to burn and having Hamilton on board will increase the brands’ profile.

If these rumours are true, I would suggest that Hamilton has given up on multiple drivers titles and gone chasing the money. I honestly don’t see Mercedes winning any titles any time soon, three years in the sport and only one win and a handful of podiums and a best finishing position of fourth place in the constructors championship. Despite Nico Rosberg winning the Chinese Grand Prix, Mercedes have gone backwards ever since despite their front wing stalling double Drag Reduction System.

I firmly believe that McLaren offer Hamilton his best chance of winning more titles, no matter how bad things seem at McLaren, they’ve always delivered him a race winning car, if not a championship winning car. Can Mercedes offer the same level of drive to win races and championships? I doubt it!

I have never been convinced by manufacturer based team; with the exception of Ferrari, who are racers first, manufacturer second. Look at Toyota, Honda, BMW and Renault, all these brands came into F1 but none of them are racers, all wanted to use F1 as a corporate marketing exercise and left when it wasn’t working for them. I suspect Mercedes will be the same; Hamilton is a marketers dream, which is why I believe Mercedes are chasing him, more than for his driving ability!

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