Clearly common sense wasn’t handed out to USD259 planners?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I know there are quite a few of you, c’mon put your hands up? Anyway, more frustration with school parking. Last year the school added another wing to the school building adding capacity for another 90 – 100 students, but… didn’t make any provisions for parking for those extra students. Parking was ridiculous to start with, a combination of dozens of no parking zones and drivers that leave massive gaps between cars, but not big enough to park in unless you have a robin reliant, old style mini or a car that can rotate it’s wheels 90 degrees.

I tried going to school 15 minutes early to find a space and sit there occupying that space until school starts, but everyone else had the same idea so there is still no parking available. I tried walking to school, but stopped doing that because of the vast amount of dozy incompetent drivers, on the phone or texting in a school zone, in two weeks of walking to school, Conner, Alya and I almost got run over three times because of these drivers turning into the junction without checking for people crossing. It really is a joke, what scares me is that kids are walking to school alone!

Another example of poor planning, one of the crossings for the school exits onto someone’s lawn, whats with that? if that wasn’t there, parking would be much improved, the sensible place to have the crossing would be at the stop sign at the end of the road, where there is an existing crossing, which lo and behold exits both sides onto a sidewalk. People could cross there safely with the aid of a crossing guard, instead of having to run the gauntlet of incompetent drivers. It’s been like this for three years, so I doubt anything will change and I will continue to be frustrated with it, that doesn’t mean I have to be silent about it, all it needs is some better planning and provision for parking!

I shouldn’t let it get to me but it really does; all I want to do is pick my child up on time without having to park half a mile away from the bloody school. I think that I’ll write a letter to school explaining that my son will be arriving 10 minutes late and I’ll be picking him up 10 minutes late as it’s impossible to find a parking space at the normal pick up and drop off times and I consider it too dangerous to walk to school given the presumably parents driving without due care or attention.

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