How can you set up a payment plan while charging interest on balance?

Today we received a pending tax refund credit into our bank account from KS Revenue for $199.90; some $802.10 less than expected. So I made the assumption that the missing $802.10 was taken automatically from our refund to pay what we owed from 2010 taxes after a miscalculation. Then I started doing some math and the numbers simply didn’t add up, which left me baffled to say the least! So I started checking letters from KS Revenue, trying to find the discrepancy of $19.44; and the reason for the discrepancy is caused by KS Revenue charging interest on the remaining balance; which in my head makes a mockery of a payment plan as the last payment amount is unknown. KS Revenue simply ask you to call them when paying the last installment; in my view this is a complete joke of a payment plan; you can not plan anything if you are not in full account of the facts!

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