Review: Streamvia VPN Service

As a Brit living in America, being able to access British TV streams is essential, at least for me. So over the past few years I have used a number of VPN services, started off with UK Proxy Server, but about six months ago, after 2 1/2 years of use, their VPN speeds suddenly dropped below what was required to stream even SD media from the UK. Then I tried HideMyAss [read my review], who were pretty dire, frankly, then I tried Private Tunnel, initially they were very fast, but after a week of usage, their speeds dropped off drastically as well. Finally, we come to Streamvia, which is my current choice and thusfar after four months of use, I am very happy with their speed and reliability.

Streamvia uses a system of VPN servers in various countries (4 UK based servers) around the World with SmartStream DNS servers located in the country where you are connecting from. The net result is much smoother streaming experience, especially when streaming in High Definition. It’s not perfect, but generally it is pretty good, I only experience buffering maybe once in every five to six HD streams, which might not be related to Streamvia at all, that’s just the nature of the Internet!

Streamvia Speedtest, 12th April 2013Connection speed is very good, consistently receiving speeds above 10mbps download/upload using my 150mbps cable Internet connection! As normal HD (720p) streaming requires only about 5mbps, this is more than adequate speeds, let’s hope this level of service continues and my search for a good reliable VPN is over. Overall I would recommend Streamvia to anyone wanting to stream media from overseas, but thinking about it maybe I shouldn’t recommend this service so my speeds remain the same, more users, less bandwidth for me, but seriously Streamvia is a great service!

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