Where did it go wrong? my son’s increasingly bad behaviour!

Over the last six weeks, my nine year old autistic son has been behaving terribly at school which has culminated in a two day suspension and the net result for him is that he will spend those two days in his room without any television, radio, books and toys to contemplate his actions.

It started out with my son claiming he is being bullied and no-one at school believes him, of course we talked with his teachers and a different story came back, it was more like six of one, half dozen of the other. Then my son started manufacturing incidents, suddenly stopping so the kid behind walks into him then immediately put his hand up to tell the teacher about his manufactured incident to get the other kid in trouble. Which then expanded into throwing himself into the wall ten feet away to exaggerate what really happened, which was another kid lightly shoving him in line.

The latest is the worst of all which resulted in the suspension, while playing tag, he was grabbing other boys by the genitals and after being told to stop by the teacher, he continued the same behaviour and laughed at the kids he groped. The worst thing is he thinks that it’s normal behaviour and wouldn’t care if someone else touched him between his legs, which is deeply disturbing.

The wife and I are at a loss to explain his behaviour; we talked with his therapist tonight and she is going to work on appropriate behaviours in the coming weeks. The only thing we can think of is that he is acting out because of switching schools, he wants to go back to his old school where he got away with murder, although great; the teachers coddled him which is not the case at his new school!

Update [Nov, 21 2013, 17:34 ]: We have gotten some more information about the incident yesterday, because of my son previously attempting to get others in trouble, they didn’t want him playing tag with them, which is understandable. He decided to retaliate by grabbing them with the intention of causing harm. Now the school have notified the parents of the other kids involved and we could face further action, legal or otherwise. My son complains about not having any friends at this school, when he acts like a jackass, is that really any surprise?

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