Playstation Store = Massive Fail

Last night I decided that I would buy Grand Turismo 6 as an early Christmas present for myself and boy do I wish that I went to the local game store instead. I visit the Playstation Store, find Gran Turismo 6, purchase and start the 15GB download and the system says that it will take 121 minutes to download.

I return to the PS3 after 2 hours and it says it’s only 24% complete, I make the decision to just let it download overnight as it’s clear that it will take 8+ hours. I come back to the PS3 the next day and hit install, which takes another 2+ hours. Finally I am thinking, yay I can play GT6; but no, there are 14 large updates, so I was looking at another 2 hours of download/install at least. At this point, I had to leave to complete my Christmas shopping, so I left it downloading while I went out for a few hours.

Upon arriving home at roughly 9pm, I eagerly loaded up GT6 and it says “preparing update”, I think what the f***, but let it go. After a few minutes it says installing, but 10 second after that it says installation failed, I press X twice and the update started over, with the same installation failed result. After doing this half dozen times, I gave up and searched Google, but the suggestions didn’t work because I had not created a game save file on the system as I had not managed to successfully launch GT6. So my only option is to delete and start the whole download and patch process again.

It really seems that Sony don’t care about their Playstation Store customers; they seriously need to upgrade their infrastructure so people can get the benefit of fast downloads, seriously what’s the point of having on demand game downloads when it takes over half a day to download/install/patch?

Secondly; why the hell do they not patch the games on their servers to the latest versions to avoid the additional update and patch downloads once the game is downloaded and installed, a lengthy process in itself. It’s not like it’s a disc on the shelf, would you buy Windows XP and install Vista, then 7 and finally 8? I know it’s an extreme example, but it’s basically the same thing, damnit Sony, pre-patch!

The end result is this; I will never buy anything or recommend anyone use the Playstation Store again, it’s far too much hassle, having to wait 12+ hours from purchase to play the game is too long for me.

3 thoughts on “Playstation Store = Massive Fail

  • Catherine commented on March 10, 2015 at 09:49

    did deleting and re-instaling work? i have the exact same problem

  • Catherine, I did delete the entire download and re-downloaded the game, but this time I started the game unpatched, and downloaded all the updates individually, stopping the next patch download after installation of each patch, ran the game, did the internal game update, exited the game then downloaded/installed the next update, ran the game to do the internal game update, exited the game… It’s tedious, but it works, that’s the only way I could get it to work.

  • hugo commented on May 14, 2015 at 14:33

    Hi Jason, thanks for the solution.

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