Kids These Days

At the risk of sounding like an old man, what has happened to to kids these days? Let me explain, my 10 years old son is high functioning autistic and has a real hard time making friends and he has recently made some friends from a foster home across the street, who also attend our son’s school. These kids have been coming around to our house to hang out with our son and the behaviors they have exhibited have not been good according to my standards which came from the way I was raised back in the 80s.

I’ll start with waiting to be invited in, these kids have no concept of that, as soon as the front door is opened, they proceed to enter, I have to physically stop them and if they leave for a while and come back, they completely fail to knock on the door and let themselves in. When I was growing up, we always knock and wait for the door to be answered and be invited in, even if we had only left for a short time.

Second is bringing additional kids who we don’t know to our home and expect them to be let in, like they have some sort of entitlement. Back in the 80s we would ask if we could bring someone else before turning up at the door. Third is asking for food, we’re not their parents, if they want food, they can go home and raid their own fridge. My mother would’ve beat me if I asked someone else’s parents for food!

Fourth and final thing is going into other rooms like bedrooms or using the bathroom without asking permission first, even today as an adult I still ask if I can use the bathroom in someone else’s home. Most of these things are basic common courtesy things, which it seems is not taught by parents these days.

I have to admit that I am considering not allowing my son is hang out with these kids as I don’t want him to start acting like them. We had such a huge battle to get our son to use manners and show respect like he should, I don’t want him to regress in mimicking these neighborhood, more streetwise kids.

Update [May, 31 2015, 19:42]: I have barred all these kids from my home now because they have zero respect, one of the kids opened a brand new pack of rabbit food and poured it into the rabbit cage, which could have made our rabbit ill, asked for food a number of times and they really have no interest in my son, they just want to use my son’s gadgets, my house is not an amusement arcade. Today was the final straw with one kid turning up at my door banging on the door, window next to the door and constantly ringing the doorbell, clearly the parents haven’t bothered teaching these kids how to behave.

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  • James Millard commented on May 9, 2015 at 09:15

    Risk of sounding like an old man? You are an old man! Also there is a typo in this article ‘I was raised back in the 80s’ should be ‘I was raised back in the 40s’

    But seriously the kids behaviour you describe sounds really annoying. I was primarily raised in the 90’s and had friends around from time to time but it was always arranged with my mother. My friends never asked for food but my mother nearly always offered, especially if my friends from school were brought from a different part of the city to stay for the day or possibly for a sleepover. My friends were almost like completely different people when talking to my mother and I was the same when I was in their house. Even after maybe 5 years when their parents know me reasonably well, there was still an etiquette of sorts which did not really exist anywhere else.

    Oh man I sound just as old as you do here.

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