Focus, LLC; Unsolicited High Pressure Sales, Likely Scammers!

Scam Alert

Today, my wife who is a realtor got an unsolicited phone call from Focus, LLC trying to sell a sponsored ad listing in Google. Their rep was really putting the hard sell on, not letting my wife talk at all, then proceeded to force a sale asking how she would like her ad to appear. At no point was my wife asked if she was interested in the service, which I believe is a scam, I can’t find any evidence this company exists.

When I searched Google for “Focus, LLC”, I found their Facebook page, which lists the same website as they gave us to try to sell their product with one like and next to no content. Given that they claim to be a Facebook marketing partner, why don’t they have an amazing Facebook page? Also they claim to be a Google partner, but they don’t feature on the first two pages of Google under their own company name.

Additionally, when looking up the whois information for their domain name, it came back as registered by Registration Private (Domains By Proxy, LLC), which was really designed for individuals, not companies, every legit company has all their company information listed on their domain names whois.

They asked us to search Google using the term “NW Portland Homes“, which did bring up a website that they claim to be one of their clients. Of course, a single example could be set up as a sales tactic. I work in Internet marketing myself, so I know how easy it is to set up a flashy website to sell a non-existent service.

The thing that raised alarm bells for me is the pushy nature of the sales spiel trying to push the sign up. Of course, once we asked to be sent information before even considering giving credit card details, the rep immediately went into “if you don’t sign up now, you’ll lose out as we have to sell this today”.

The Focus, LLC representative claimed that they only take on one client per location. This in itself does not make any sense as a business decision, limiting your potential market. And I would suggest this is a blatant lie as three other websites appear near the top in the sponsored ad section of Google Search.

I question the effectiveness of sponsored ad marketing, most people I know avoid paid ads instead opting to click the first organic link. I looked at the search rate for “NW Portland Homes” using Google’s Keyword Planner and it showed an average of 320 searches/mo with low competition for that keyword.

My wife mentioned to the rep that I was an Internet marketer and I had been listening in. Which is when I chimed in and said we will not be forced into purchasing any service because we might “miss out”. When it became clear that the rep was not going to get a sale; she took a swipe at me, saying something along the lines of “I hope he can get you better positioning as he won’t let you use our service”.

This is when my wife took it off speaker as my reaction would not have been good. If this is the sort of people who Focus, LLC have working for them, I’d advise you to run in the opposite direction as quick as you can. I will never do business with anyone that cold calls me; nor any company that tries to scare me into buying with time limited offers. That’s not how to do business in my personal and professional view.

10 thoughts on “Focus, LLC; Unsolicited High Pressure Sales, Likely Scammers!

  • Tomas Thrainsson commented on August 18, 2016 at 14:45

    What an utter pillock. They deserve all the bad press you can direct their way.

  • They phoned me today. Agreed on all your point.s Additionally, I looked up the company name with the Better Business Bureau out of Portland, OR, They have an “F” rating. Thank you for your post,

  • Ryan Brinkerton commented on July 7, 2017 at 15:09

    I hate scammers!! you should go post this link on their website.

  • Thanks for the information. I am a Realtor and I got the same call yesterday and told them I would think about it. I was doing research when I came across your blog. I had the same experience. I basically had to talk over the caller just to get her to stop talking. Like you said they don’t show what the product will look like or what you are actually paying for, which seems a bit shady. Thanks again for posting this.

  • Deedee commented on August 13, 2017 at 21:07

    Ok so of course there are three other options in the sponsored results….google is a dinamic bidding system so why would they bid against themselves to put more then one on a page? That wouldn’t make sense….plus if they work with people all over the country they have lots of places to call. Lastly if you know anything about google there are only a few ways people search consistently no matter where or what you search for so I don’t think you are educated on this subject as you say you are.

  • Deedee, you have missed the point of this post; you have elected to pick on one aspect, which might be true, I have not worked with PPC marketing since 2003. However, I stand by my comments as Focus LLC claim to be able to provide the service for a fixed monthly fee, which would be a huge risk with a bidding system. Unless they use low competition keywords that very few people are searching for or cap their expenditure meaning that your listing disappears after that $ amount is reached. Anyway, thanks for your comment, should my employer want to move towards pay-per-click marketing, I will update my knowledge accordingly.

  • Angela Haynes commented on December 2, 2017 at 13:17


  • I went with them and have been with them for 5 months works great for me!

  • Cat commented on January 4, 2018 at 15:15

    Angela Haynes, can you emphasize on why you state they are thieves and scammers?

  • Wendy commented on February 2, 2018 at 12:45

    I found this blog when I got a phone call from them this morning. I will not make a decision like this without researching it first and the seller was very pushy. However, when I tried to go to their Facebook page, Facebook said it not available, so that didn’t make me feel very comfortable to start with.

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