Diet K Anyone?

With the recent news that Sharman Networks have forced the makers of Kazaa K++ to cease it production of its spyware (sorry, adware) free version of Kazaa Media Desktop, I have been looking around for ways around the spyware problem, and have found a useful little program that runs alongside KMD to remove all the popups, adverts, as well as disabling GAIN, Cydoor and more programs, called Diet K. All you need to do is download KMD 2.60 and Diet K, install, but dont run Kazaa, then install and run Diet K, which will remove all the added spyware crap from Kazaa, simply delete the shortcut to Kazaa, and use the shortcut to Diet K to launch Kazaa, and it will be happy days again.

Links: KMD 2.60 | Diet K 2.60

It’s Christmas…

…And I am feeling ill for the sixth year in a row on Christmas day, what have on done to deserve this? I was supposed to be going out tonight (Christmas Eve) to celebrate with friends, but that idea was destroyed earlier today, after visiting my dad’s for Christmas dinner (yes, I know it’s a day early). I got back home at 2:30pm, and just crashed out on the sofa, and have just woken up now, I just hope that I can get over this damn illness before New Years Eve, as I dont want to miss that one for the third year in a row.

In Royal news, one of the Queen’s Corgis has been put down after an attack by Princess Anne’s British Bull Terrier. But my point about this is why does this make headline news? if it happens to anyone elses dog, it probably wouldnt even make the local news, let alone international news. Are people really that starved for royal news that they want to know every little thing about them? Personally I couldnt care less about what happens within the royal family, at the end of the day they are normal people, albeit normal people with a lot of money!!!

Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you are all having a better Christmas than I am…

All On My Own Again…

Well, I have the flat all to myself again, now the Mad Axeman has returned to his iceberg. I celebrated my freedom by going to the Phoenix (at the request of Katie, who’s birthday it was). It was a really entertaining night overall, although the 8 beers had something to do with it, pictures can be found on the Phoenix Live site as normal (see links on left hand side)

Now, what has happened in the days since the last update, well England have confirmed their superiority in Rugby Union by beating the NZ Barbabrians 42-17 at Twickenham on Saturday [More Info]. Michelle McManus won Pop Idol on Saturday, its nice to see someone that doesnt conform to typical Pop Idol image win for a change, I really hope that she goes on to do really well in the industry.

Not too much else has happened over the last couple of days, due to me feeling ill (again) seems like I picked up the flu again at the Phoenix Christmas party, oh well, thats life I guess.

Seems like my Christmas Illness Strikes Again!

Over the last 5 years I have been ill on Christmas day, and this year looks like it wont be any different, seems like I re-contracted the flu after the events of the Phoenix Christmas party, looks like it will be another Christmas on the sofa watching the crappy british TV.

In football, Plymouth Argyle have beaten Notts County 3 – 0, and with QPR losing 2 – 1 to Oldham, that takes Plymouth back to the top of the league with a margin of 2 points over QPR. [Plymouth News] [QPR News]

In motorsport, its looking like the only option for Justin Wilson this year would be a move stateside, probably in the CART series, which is a shame to lose another up and coming F1 driver because of financial reasons. Formula 1 is becoming more and more like football by the day, with silly wages for the ‘established’ drivers, but to break into F1, the driver needs huge amounts of funding behind them.

Back to me again, looks my online gaming addiction is getting worse, started playing TFC at 1am last night, the next thing I know, its quarter past 5, just as well I dont need to get up early for work at the moment.

Christmas Parties Are Bad For Your Health!!!

Well, last night was the Phoenix Christmas party, and I managed to get rather wasted, 6 pints, 2 shots of Apple Sourz, and a concoction of double vodka, whiskey and rum. My body really didnt like that drink at all, dont remember much of what happened after that. My living room floor didnt look too pretty after my body decided to reject all that alcohol and food that I had consumed. I swear that I will never drink again, well until the next time anyway.

In technology news, Swedish ISP, Bredbandsbolaget are to introduce 100Mb bi-directional broadband, which means that it is possible to download files at 12.5MBs/sec, but this is reliant on the server that you are downloading from being able to support that speed. And amazingly this will only cost 895 kr (£70), the same amount as we currently pay for 2Mb ADSL here in the UK.

In sport, Rio Ferdinand has been banned for 8 months for missing a madatory drugs test, seems like the FA has decided to make an example of Ferdinand to deter other footballers from thinking about missing madatory drugs tests. Ferdinand and Manchester United have decided to appeal against the ruling, but the FA will stand firm on this issue, which I think is right, rules are rules, and need to be followed.

8 Hours of Motorway.. as boring as hell, thats what I saw for most of yesterday, driving up from Plymouth to Leyton Buzzard near London and back to Plymouth. The fact that I only had two and half hours sleep didnt help matters, damn those online games to hell, kept on dozing off every so often waking up, wondering what the hell was going on, just as well I wasnt driving then. Later in the day I went to the Phoenix introducing Tomas to the joys of live music in the Phoenix, and he wasnt disappointed, as three of the south west’s best bands were playing, although the headlining act couldnt come down due to illness, but the local bands certainly made up for it

Back to the online gaming that I mentioned earlier, I have gotten back into playing Team Fortress Classic online again, only intended to play for half hour, then its suddenly 6am, 3 hours later, I needed to be up at 8am for the trip up to London, I should know better at my age.

Maiden, Maiden, Maiden…

Well, I am back from the gig in Cardiff featuring a little known band called Iron Maiden, some of you may of heard of them. Anyway, about the gig, one word immediately springs to mind, AMAZING!!! although the first few songs werent that enjoyable, as everyone decided to move forward, squashing me and everyone else around, to the point of almost cutting off my breathing. After a few songs of that, I just had to get out of there, and more importantly get this little woman stood beside me out before she ended up getting killed. Moving to near the middle of the arena was much better, as the sound balance was better, so I could hear the full range of the music, as apposed to mostly bass at the front. The only downside is that I decided to go to the toilet and almost as soon as I went in, they played Fear of the Dark, which was a little annoying. But I did hear Paschendale in its full glory, bloody amazing song live, especially with the added intro and the accompanying light show. There was a few songs that they didnt play which I would have liked to hear, such as The Clansman, and the Wickerman, but despite that, it was an enjoyable show after I got out of the crush at the front. I did take some pictures of the gig, but they didnt come out too well, the arena lights, and the fact that my camera auto focused on the peoples heads in front of me, rather than the stage, but I am gonna try to clear them up in photoshop over the next few days. One thing that this little adventure has proved is that Maiden are the best live act in the world. A big thanks goes out to Tomas, who arranged and paid for this trip, which would never of happened if he didnt, thanks mate.

Well, not a lot can compete with the mighty Maiden, so I will shut up now.

Its Only…

..a matter of hours until the Mad Axeman, e.g. Tomas, my friend from Iceland, who will be staying with me for the next 9 days, which means that it is less than 48 hour until I go up to see Iron Maiden live in Cardiff. With Tomas being here for the next week and a bit, updates may be a bit sporadic, but I will try to update as regularly as I can.

Plymouth Argyle have managed another big win in the contest to get promoted to division 1, beating Swindon 3 – 2, but with QPR beating Hartlepool 4 – 1, the league positions remain the same, with Plymouth 1 point behind. Its looking good for Plymouth at the moment, I really hope that Argyle dont choke at the end of the season reaches its climax. [More Info]

I am shocked and disapointed to hear that Colin McRae has been rejected by Subaru to drive one of their cars for the coming season. I really dont understand why they have elected for a rookie over an experienced driver like Colin. It just wont be the same without him driving in the World Rally Championship. [More Info]


..for the lack of updates over the last few days, been laid up with the flu, I couldnt even sit at the computer for any length of time as my eyes went funny, so most of my time was spent on the sofa, watching TV inbetween sleeping. I missed a gig at the Phoenix, I am even gonna miss the gig tonight as I dont think it would be a good idea to go out while still recovering, and my plea for a nice lady to come look after me seemingly fell on deaf ears, oh well, I will have to just make do with the mad Viking arriving on Saturday.

In technology news, Kazaa Lite (K-Lite K++) has been removed from the Internet, well the official sites anyway, because Sharman Networks threw their toys out of their pram saying that K++ was copyright infringment of their software. How ironic is that, Kazaa Media Desktop is the dictionary definition of copyright infringement, the software is squarely aimed at people that want to download free commercial music, movies and software. Besides it is full of nasty spyware that keeps tracks of your surfing habits, and sends the information back to Sharman Networks, to sell off to the highest bidder, so they can spam you silly, which isnt illegal, but it should be as far as I am concerned. [More Info]

Drinking When Ill, Dont Do It!!!

Best to start from the beginning, I did a favour for the Phoenix, by making compilation CDs to DJ with at a private party. The guy that I did it for was feeling really ill, probably the flu, since then, I have developed the same illness, and I decided to drink vast amounts of alcohol to try to kill the germs. Well, it did work for a while, then I woke up at 3am, coughing and urging, promptly throwing up, luckily I pre-empted that happening, having a bucket located nearby. So the moral of the story, dont drink when your ill, its doesnt help.

Right, that being said, I am gonna go back to laying down, suffering in silence, if any willing lady wants to help me recuperate, my address is…