Damn! I am unfit!!!

Today I have been working, helping Leslie move into the Phoenix, and it highlighted just how unfit I really am, just moving a few bits of furniture made me break out into a sweat. The bigger items, sofa’s, beds etc almost killed me, and the fact that being a pub, easy access to the upstairs was not happening, spent more time thinking up ways to get the furniture up the stairs than we did actually moving stuff. All this made me realise that I need to get back into shape, just 3 years ago, work like this wouldnt have even bothered me, but now I break into a sweat, just thinking about it.

Just a quick update from me tonight, feeling extra tired after last nights events [see previous update] and only getting 5 hours sleep.


I guess that I will never learn, went out last night, drank too much, and now I am suffering the in consequences, but when beers cost from just £1 its hard to resist the temptation. Worst of all I promised to help someone move house today, so that should be fun. Before going out drinking, I was sat in the Phoenix, amazingly hardly anyone turned up again, three good bands, and they didnt get the audience they deserved, I know its getting near Christmas, but £2 entry + bottles of beers from £1, surely thats not gonna cost the Earth?

Yesterday I watched WWE Survivor Series, which I find more and more farcical each time that I watch it. Do people seriously believe this is a real sport? I dont believe that any person can be hit by a steal chair, or dustbin, or even a sledgehammer and still get up and keep wresting, in real life they would be out old for some time, or worse killed, bring back the days of real wrestling, or at least make it more realistic, rather than looking like a Hollywood movie.

Alright, Who Broke The Internet?

I checked my website tonight to find that my whole site had disappeared, but after checking the FTP server, I realised that the site was there, but not viewable. Turns out that there is some sort of major worldwide DNS issue, friends across Europe are having problems, bloody annoying to say the least.

In the news, at the Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman trial, Ian Huntley has said that the girls died in his bathroom, but it was by accident, so why did he hide the bodies and burn their clothes, I think that he’s trying for an insanity plea, so he will get an easy ride. If he really does have mental problems, how on Earth did he get a job in a school? [More Info]

Thats about it for me today as I have spent most of the day in bed, as I am feeling like death warmed up, I hope its not the beginnings of the flu again, already had the flu twice this year. Although people wouldnt let me sleep, 12 bloody phone calls, disturbing my sleep, normally I dont get any calls.

CD-R VCD Discs & DVD Players…

I am very annoyed after learning how to create spanned MPEG VCD files to burn to VCD discs, you can only write a maximum of 80 minutes of video to a CD-R, so for longer movies, which most are, you will need to split the VCD MPEG into two parts. Anyway after 3 hours coverting and splitting an AVI movie, and burning the files to CD-R, I find that my domestic DVD player wont read CD-R discs, so I have wasted 3 hours, and 2 CD-Rs, thanks Hitachi for printing in the manual that it will play CD-R, when it clearly doesnt. So in conclusion I can only play the files on a PC, so I might as well saved a disc and burnt it as AVI which was under 700MB.

In the news, I am disgusted to hear that Abdelbaset ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was sentenced and could be out in 27 years on good behaviour, which is think is a disgrace considering he effectively murdered 270 people by blowing up Pan-Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, thats a year for every 10 people that he killed, is that right? in this case, life should mean life, anyone think different? leave a comment. [More Info]

Also in the news, Ian Huntley admits to cutting the clothes off Holly Wells’ and Jessica Chapman’s bodies and burning them, but denies murder. He had already confirmed that they girls died in his house, and now this, how can he plead innocence? but knowing how useless the british legal system is, he will probably get away with it. [More Info]

In technology news, it looks like BT has been confirmed as Britains worst ISP with 0.7 customers in every 1000 being unhappy with the service, followed by Tiscali and Pipex, it looks like I have chosen the right ISP for my broadband connection as Telewest along with Freeserve and AOL (really?) have been revealed as the best, with only 0.2 in every 1000 customers unhappy. [More Info]

Not A Lot Happening…

Today has been slow to say the least, although thats the way I planned it, needed a day of relaxation after being out late for the last 5 nights at the Phoenix. And the fact that my neighbours are noisy bastards, playing dance music all through the night, thump, thump, thump, so in retaliation, I have been playing the heaviest rock albums I have during the day when their sleeping. The Phoenix last night was OK, one highlight was the instrumental group, Relentless, who had an amazing lead guitarist, just a shame that the guitar amp wasnt up to the job against the other amps and the PA system, pictures here. Today I watched Finding Nemo, which I found very entertaining, I had forgooten how good Disney animated movies were, I really liked the ‘Crush’ sea turtle character, who reminded me of a good friend’s personality.

En-ger-land, En-ger-land, En-ger-land

Anyone want to guess today’s topic? it shouldnt take much effort to work it out, and its not the English cricket team. The England rugby team have beaten the Aussies 20 – 17 in a nail biting final, when the Aussies went over the line for a try after just 8 minutes, I feared that could be the first of many, but thankfully I was wrong as the Aussies didnt score another try. For most of the match it was a battle of the kickers, Wilkinson for England and Flatley for Australia, both kickers did their teams proud. It seems appropriate that Jonny Wilkinson scored the final drop goal in the dying moments of extra time to give England the world cup victory.

Also today, my home football team, Plymouth Argyle have gotten back to winning ways beating Hartlepool 2 – 0 to move back up to second place in division 2, one point behind QPR, who could only manage a 1 – 1 draw with with Swindon, and Barnsley lost 2 – 1 to Bristol City.

In Formula 1, it has been confirmed that the French GP at Magny-Cours will not take place this year after mounting financial problems for the venue, so its not looking like a record breaking 18 race season will happen this year, but the event will be back in 2005 after signing a fresh 5 year deal with the FIA.

Now for a bit about my life, at the Phoenix performing last night was Blue Angel, a local blues rock band, who were amazing, performing songs by Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC, as well as their own material, its a great shame that hardly anyone turned up, but I cant say that I am suprised, the normal Phoenix crowd are into the heavier ‘noise’ but I enjoyed the gig anyway, good to hear some decent guitar playing, and stunning vocals. Take a look at for more information.

George W. Bush + Micheal Jackson

George Bush has to be a complete idiot to think that he is welcome here in the UK, when asked about the hatred that British people had for him, he said, “It’s good to visit a country where the people have the right to protest”. Is he just being thick or is he dodgy the question? I am baffled what the war on Iraq has to do with the bombings on the world trade centre and the recent bombings in Istanbul; all those bombings were masterminded by my Bin Laden, and the al-Qaeda network.

These bombings are a great tragedy, but killing thousands of Iraqi civilians, and crippling Iraq isn’t the way to sort the problem of terrorism out, in my eyes the US & UK are invading forces, the bottom line is oil, and the US’ greed. As far as I am concerned George Bush is a war-monger and Tony Blair is his pet poodle, I will be very surprised if either of these men (I wont use the term ‘leaders’ as they have done a piss poor job) get back into power after the next elections.

Onto Michael Jackson, over the last couple of days he has again been accused of child molestation and has seemingly gone into hiding, he currently has an arrest warrant out on him, and his lawyers say that they don’t know where he is, what does that say to you? I thought he was guilty the last time around, paying 20 million dollars to the family of the child that he was alleged to have molested confirmed that, why pay up, if he was innocent? I hope that he does go down for a long time this time around, just because he is an international superstar, doesn’t give him the right to be a paedophile, and pervert. Of course there was the insane act of dangling his own child over the edge of a balcony, a person really would have to be mentally unstable to even consider doing such a thing, lock him up now before he seriously injures or worse, kills a child.

Onto the lighter note of sport, New Zealand beat France 40 – 13 in today’s 3rd place playoff in the rugby world cup, the big match, England Vs Australia is only 2 days away now, hopefully England will be able to silence the Aussies and critics by beating Australia, hopefully showing their try scoring prowess, which hasn’t been apparent in the England games this tournament.

Plymouth Argyle’s form over the last 2 matches hasn’t been good, dropping from top to 3rd in division 2, 3 points behind QPR, hopefully its just a mid season wobble and nothing serious, because I think this season is Plymouth’s best chance of getting promoted to division 1, Plymouth came close a few years ago under Peter Shilton’s rein as player/manager, I hope that I will not be disappointed yet again.

I think that’s enough ranting for one day, otherwise I will need to create a separate page for this update.

Moshing Madness

After taking 47 pictures at tonight’s gig at the Phoenix, I needed to sort them and reduce them down to 18 pictures for the website, which took me 3 hours, hence the lateness of the Blog update. Anyway, it was a pretty amazing gig performance wise, complete with some completely crazy people putting their bodies through extreme pain in the name of fun in the mosh pit (pictures), I wouldnt like to be any of them in the morning.

I see that Scotland got convincingly beaten 6 – 0 (6 -1 on aggregate) by a quality Dutch side in the Euro 2004 play-off’s tonight, also Wales got knocked out by a more respectable scoreline, losing 1 – 0 to Russia.

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More Motorsports…

This time its World Rallying, the FIA is threatening to reduce the Rally of Great Britain down to ‘observer’ status which means that the event will not carry world championship points for the drivers. The Welsh police in last year’s event gave 17 drivers speeding fines. I can see both sides of the argument, on one hand there’s the law, which everyone needs to abide by on public roads, why should rally drivers be given immunity. But on the other hand, the drivers need to get the next stage within a deadline, so they have to drive faster than the law allows, so maybe an overhaul of how the race is run would be in order. Getting back to the FIA’s threat, if it was downgraded to ‘observer’ status, it would take all the spectacle of the sport away from the event, and some drivers may elect not to compete in the event at all as there’s nothing to gain, which could well kill the event off completely in the UK.

Also in Rallying, Richard Burns has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, which rules him out of driving in the 2004 WRC for Subaru, its a great shame to see such a good driver stuck down like this, but at least doctors think that with treatment he will make a full recovery. But on the brighter side, Colin McRae could be called in to replace Burns in the Subaru, but Colin’s commitments in the trans-Saharan Dakar Rally could scupper that idea before it starts, as the WRC starts only a few days after the event.

I am severely disappointed with the English cricket team, making only 88 runs in their innings, Sri Lanka easily made the required runs without loss, and winning by 10 wickets with 36 overs to spare. I think that England have gotten complacent with their recent easy wins over Zimbabwe, I really so wonder sometimes why England even bother playing cricket.

Not a lot has happened in my personal life today, so I thought that I would talk about sports, I could have gone on for hours about todays sports events, but my fingers are tired from typing, so I will leave it there.

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And Today’s Topic Is…

Formula One, more specifically Juan Pablo Montoya’s move to McLaren, which will probably result in David Couthard being left out in the cold. I am not convinced that its the right move for Montoya either, but I can understand why he wants to move, always playing second fiddle to Ralf Schumacher, even though in my opinion, Montoya is the superior driver. Back to Couthard, with a bit of luck he will have a good season this coming year, and get a drive with another top team, maybe Williams, who knows?

Back to me, my day has been pretty slow, didnt get up until 1pm, been feeling really run down today as well, was supposed to be taking more pictures at the Phoenix tonight, but really dont have the energy, after the marathon session yesterday, I am skint as well, which doesnt help matters. Anyway, the pictures from yesterday can be found here.

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