Drinking When Ill, Dont Do It!!!

Best to start from the beginning, I did a favour for the Phoenix, by making compilation CDs to DJ with at a private party. The guy that I did it for was feeling really ill, probably the flu, since then, I have developed the same illness, and I decided to drink vast amounts of alcohol to try to kill the germs. Well, it did work for a while, then I woke up at 3am, coughing and urging, promptly throwing up, luckily I pre-empted that happening, having a bucket located nearby. So the moral of the story, dont drink when your ill, its doesnt help.

Right, that being said, I am gonna go back to laying down, suffering in silence, if any willing lady wants to help me recuperate, my address is…

Going Mad!!!

This morning I woke up thinking it was Sunday, that in itself is nothing, but I am going up to see my dad Sunday, and was supposed to be up there at 10am, and I woke up at 10:55am. Thinking I was late, I threw some clothes on and rushed out of the door, got half way up to my dads, and made a phone call to him to let him know I will be still coming up, only for him to inform me that it was Saturday, making me feel like a prize fool.

Last night at the Phoenix was a bit crap music wise, the only band of any merit was 69 Reasons Why, the other bands were terrible really, Mockin Grin, and Rend Asunder were just shouting at me, which I dont really consider music, The Vital Fault were better, although not great, but their lead singer was feeling under the weather, so I will reserve judgement on them until I hear them properly.

In cricket, England have managed a draw in the first test match against Sri Lanka. To be honest, England were lucky that the weather came to their rescue, as they had 9 wickets down, and realistically didnt have any chance of making the runs required to win.

I’m gonna get a rest, no gig tonight, there is a private party on at the Phoenix, so I can sit back and watch some Saturday night TV, which I havent been able to do for months now.

Nowt Happening!

Well, in the last two days, nothing of any merit has really happened in my life, went out to the Phoenix, then onto a club, Voodoo Lounge, met up with a friend, ended up talking until 6:30 in the morning, about life, love and everything else, as BT keep on telling me, its good to talk.

In technology, T-Mobile have introduced musical ringtones, not the one that your phone creates, but the one that the caller hears while waiting for the call to be answered, so no more ‘bring bring’ while waiting. In real terms its a gimmick, its hardly something that is of any real use, just another way from the mobile companies to make more money. [More Info]

In sport, the English cricket team have managed to pull themselves up by the bootstraps after the domino act they did earlier in the test match, England are now in with a fighting chance of a win, after taking 5 wickets for 99 runs, still not gonna be an easy match, but they are certainly in with a shout. [More Info]

Also in sport, it’s looking likely that Colin McRae will take the vacant seat left by Richard Burns at Subaru after his brain tumour scare, and being unable to drive in this years championship. It’s good to see that the drive will be going to a fellow brit and not to a foreign driver, which seems to be happening all too often in motorsport these days. [More Info]

Just for fun, ever wondered what your ‘unplugged’ Matrix name would be? then check out The Matrix Name Generator to find out, I am ‘Poseidon the Sentinel Slayer’ shame I am named after a dodgy 70s ocean disaster movie.


Today’s rant is inspired by Norwich Union’s decision to cut over 2000 UK jobs to employ people in India, which will cost a fraction of what it would employ UK people. The average wage is £12,500 for a UK employee, but only £1,500 for an employee in India, but the cost of living is a lot higher in the UK than in India, so the wages are comparative. Experts say that another 200,000 jobs could be lost in the next 5 years to foreign markets, all in the name of globalisation. Meanwhile Norwich Union say that they are committed to the UK, their actions suggest otherwise, no wonder so many Brits are searching for employment in other countries. This coupled with companies ‘importing’ people into the country to fill vacancies that Brits could easily do as well, if not better. [More Info]

In Formula 1, I am disapointed that Justin Wilson has been dumped in favour of Christian Klien by Jaguar, basically on the grounds that he can bring in more sponsorship, I really hope that Jaguar go down the pan this coming season, for those of you that say Jaguar is British and I should support them, as part of the Ford empire, they are about as British as Macdonalds. [More Info]

Women & Clothes

I went around to see a female friend of mine, she is going out tonight, and she says “I have nothing to wear”. Considering that she has 3 walldrobes and two 5 drawer chests full of clothes, how on Earth can she have nothing to wear. I have two 4 drawer chests with clothes in, and I have more clothes than I could ever need. Anyway, she decided to go clothes shopping, and I just about managed to escape that little trip, thanks to a phone call I received. I will never understand women as long as I live.

I have been testing some php photo gallery systems for my Phoenix Live site, but none of them really fit in with the site, so I am still looking, if I cant find the right one, the only other option is to create my own, which is very time consuming, and time isnt at a premium at the moment.

George W. Bush’s Visit To Iraq

Am I the only person to believe that George Bush’s visit the Iraq was politically motivated with the US elections coming up next year, if it was so top secret, how come it was spread all over the news and papers the minute he had cleared Iraqi airspace. I still thing that it was wrong to go to war with Iraq, thousands died unnecessarily, when there was easier and cleaner ways to depose Saddam’s regime.

In football, my team Plymouth Argyle managed a 2 – 0 win over Colchester, but remained second after QPR beat Sheffield Wednesday 3 – 0, and Barnsley could only manage a 3 – 3 draw with Stockport. Things are really starting to look good for Argyle at the moment, and thankfully the mid season wobble is over.

In Formula 1, its looking increasingly like Justin Wilson will be left out in the cold at Jaguar, not because he is a bad driver, but because the other driver he was competing with can bring in more money for the team. Seems that being a good driver isn’t enough these days, you need to effectively pay for a drive in a formula 1, which Justin Wilson had to do last year with Minardi, but you would have thought that Jaguar with Ford’s backing would have the funds to pay their drivers.

In snooker, I was hoping that Jimmy White might be able to get past Mathew Stevens, but the Welshman was too strong for him, and Jimmy eventually went down 9 – 7, but at least he was playing better than he did last season, so that’s something. If Jimmy cant win, I am hoping that Ronnie O’Sullivan can pull back the 4 frame deficit and beat Hendry to make it to the final against Stevens.

I will be off to the Phoenix tonight, feeling almost human again today, tonight should be an interesting gig as it will be a punk/ska type gig, which have been popular in the past, usually with people trying to injure themselves in the mosh!

Hunting Haggis’

In a recent survey of US tourists, either visiting or thinking of visiting Scotland, 1/3 of them believed that Haggis was a real creature, and 1/4 of those wanted to hunt Haggis. Are American’s really that stupid or are they completely ignorant of what happens in other countries, I think its a bit of both myself, you just have to look at their commander and chief, George W Bush for evidence of that.

In technology news, strangely enough, its about the Americans again. According to the LA county government, the words “master” and “slave” are offensive and all technological devices need to be labelled with alternative words because they are offensive. Its political correctness gone mad, with the amount of bad language and violence that the Americans churn out yearly in music and movies, they are worried about “master” and “slave”, whats are they thinking of?

Nothing much has happened in my own life really, been relaxing today, feeling a little sore after the workout of yesterday, supposed to be going out to the Phoenix tonight, but I am not sure whether I really feel upto it, I’ll see how I feel when 7pm comes around.

Damn! I am unfit!!!

Today I have been working, helping Leslie move into the Phoenix, and it highlighted just how unfit I really am, just moving a few bits of furniture made me break out into a sweat. The bigger items, sofa’s, beds etc almost killed me, and the fact that being a pub, easy access to the upstairs was not happening, spent more time thinking up ways to get the furniture up the stairs than we did actually moving stuff. All this made me realise that I need to get back into shape, just 3 years ago, work like this wouldnt have even bothered me, but now I break into a sweat, just thinking about it.

Just a quick update from me tonight, feeling extra tired after last nights events [see previous update] and only getting 5 hours sleep.


I guess that I will never learn, went out last night, drank too much, and now I am suffering the in consequences, but when beers cost from just £1 its hard to resist the temptation. Worst of all I promised to help someone move house today, so that should be fun. Before going out drinking, I was sat in the Phoenix, amazingly hardly anyone turned up again, three good bands, and they didnt get the audience they deserved, I know its getting near Christmas, but £2 entry + bottles of beers from £1, surely thats not gonna cost the Earth?

Yesterday I watched WWE Survivor Series, which I find more and more farcical each time that I watch it. Do people seriously believe this is a real sport? I dont believe that any person can be hit by a steal chair, or dustbin, or even a sledgehammer and still get up and keep wresting, in real life they would be out old for some time, or worse killed, bring back the days of real wrestling, or at least make it more realistic, rather than looking like a Hollywood movie.

Alright, Who Broke The Internet?

I checked my website tonight to find that my whole site had disappeared, but after checking the FTP server, I realised that the site was there, but not viewable. Turns out that there is some sort of major worldwide DNS issue, friends across Europe are having problems, bloody annoying to say the least.

In the news, at the Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman trial, Ian Huntley has said that the girls died in his bathroom, but it was by accident, so why did he hide the bodies and burn their clothes, I think that he’s trying for an insanity plea, so he will get an easy ride. If he really does have mental problems, how on Earth did he get a job in a school? [More Info]

Thats about it for me today as I have spent most of the day in bed, as I am feeling like death warmed up, I hope its not the beginnings of the flu again, already had the flu twice this year. Although people wouldnt let me sleep, 12 bloody phone calls, disturbing my sleep, normally I dont get any calls.