Belated Birthday Party..

It’s an early update from me today, as I probably wont be in any state to even sit at the PC, let alone type something! I am going out to celebrate my birthday, OK, it’s 2 days late, but the lack of cash on Monday was a killer, also all my my mates got paid either yesterday or today, so my birthday ended up on a really bad day this year. Click here to see if you are a geek or not, I only managed 43% which suprised me as I consider myself quite a geek, but the test says that I am not, so I am happy.

Canabis is to be downgraded to a class C drug, about time in my opinion, I personally dont touch canabis, or any other drug (unless you include alcohol) but I have plenty of friends that do. It’s not anymore harmful than smoking in my opinion, and I think it should be legalised fully, or make smoking tabacco illegal as well, but thats never gonna happen as the government would lose too much money is extortionate taxes on tabacco.


Today I found out that my brother had accidentally thrown out my Telewest/Blueyonder bill, I called Telewest to request that a copy of the bill be sent to me, and guess what, £10 administration charge. For £10, I expect the bill to be embossed onto gold, what the hell is this world coming to, the bill is only for £27. Also today I have been playing the Weakest Link Online game, managed to win the £10k after several attempts (31), a lot harder than it looks, just a shame that its virtual money, rather than hard cash, £10k would be very handy at the moment.

Other than that, I havent done too much today, played a little Gran Turismo 3, watched a dodgy Japanese dubbed movie, fixed a minor glitch in the site, installed Steam, so a return to playing TFC is likely, and been looking into some noise pollution, thinking of getting myself a drum kit.

Its My Birthday…

…And I dont have any money to celebrate it. :crying:

My computer decided to give me a shock earlier, when the PSU decided it had enough and rather spectacularly nuked itself, just as well I have a side window in my PC so I could see what happening and hit the power switch before it damaged any other componants. Luckily I had a spare power supply from a previous case, although, its only 300watts, the nuked one was 400watts. So looks like its gonna be more cost to me as I really need to get a more powerful PSU, another £40 I really cant afford to spend, damn frustrating, nothing goes wrong when I have the cash, and as soon as I have no cash, something goes wrong.

Also today I got a call from BT demanding that I pay my bill immediately by debit or credit card, which is impossible as I cant get a bank account, because of stupid bureaucracy, I need a passport or drivers licence, they wont accept anything else. Anyway back onto BT, its only 4 days overdue, and I intended to pay the bill in full tomorrow, how greedy can a company get, it’s only £40 FFS, whats this world coming to?

Something amusing this morning, I was listening to my local radio station, Plymouth Sound, and they seemed to be an hour ahead of everyone else, so I thought that they must have forgotten to set their clocks back. But unlike 2000 other people, I resisted the temptation to call the station about their time keeping error, just as well, as the station were winding people up, some people rushed to work thinking they were late, but were infact early, but I thought that it was a cracking joke, top marks, Plymouth Sound.

Getting back to my birthday, if anyone from Plymouth is reading this, and you want to buy me a birthday drink, send me an Email, probably wont work, but worth a try :wink:

Sad Day

I have just compiled my last stats update for PC Format SETI@home, I have been compiling the stats for the last 12 months, and had become such a big part of my life, but due to other commitments I am no longer able to devote as much time as is required, so I thought it best to stand down as statsman.

In other news, England have made it through to the last 8 of the rugby world cup, although not very convincingly, the 35 – 22 scoreline flattered the English, I hope they can up their game for the upcoming matches or else they will be dumped out of the cup.

Currently listening to Metallica’s ‘Reload’ album.


Argyle are doing exceptionally well at the moment another win against Blackpool today, only a solitary goal separated the teams, which is quite disapointing with the recent goal rush, but at the end of the day, it’s a win, and it puts Plymouth 3 points clear at the top of division 2.

In rugby, Wales are through to the last 8 teams with a 27 – 15 win over Italy (who said Wales were rubbish), Scotland havent been so fortunate, losing 51 – 9 to France. Their best hope for qualification now is second place in the heats. England play tomorrow, hopefully it will be another convincing win.

On the personal front, there isnt much to report, being totally skint I cant afford to go out and do anything, and the Phoenix is out of bounds tonight, they have some wierd fetish night going on, I think I will keep my distance from that. I have been having a lazy day really, sat down watching TV for most of the day, notably the Rugby this morning, Charmed and Alias tonight.

Currently listening to Avril Lavigne’s, Let Go album.


It’s a sad day for British aviation (I know the French helped to build it) as Concorde takes to the skies for the final time, I hope Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airlines can buy Concorde and keep supersonic travel alive for at least another 10 years. I have been to see another 4 live bands tonight, Fog Donkey, Klay, Opium, and Serenity, pictures can be found here, it’s a great shame that hardly anyone came to the gig, dont know why, all the bands were quality bands, guess there’s no accounting for taste. I had planned to go home at 11pm, but those plans were blown out of the water by the offer of free beer. Ended up spending a further 2 1/2 hours in the Phoenix, talking to the members of Klay, really nice guys. We managed to drink the place dry, although not really, the beer had to be drunk, or it would have been thrown out, because the lines are being cleaned tomorrow, pointless wasting perfectly good beer.

Currently listening to silence, as I am going to bed.

Bizarre Day

Today has been a bizarre day to say the least, it started off with me throwing the toys out of my pram over something that happened in my SETI team, and I left the team, but later rejoined under an assumed name. Then tonight I went out with some friends for a drink just across the River Tamar in Saltash, but on the way back, the gear box decided to die in my mates Mini, so no forward drive, or backwards drive for that matter, although 5 people in a 1.0 litre Mini was probably a little too much considering the hill we had to climb. Anyway we had to call my mate, Trev’s mother out to pick us up as it was a 15 mile walk back home. The problem was that there was now six people, in a car that holds 5 people, Martyn, another mate, had to travel back in the boot, and I am not talking estate cars here, it was a BMW saloon car.

I am now off to bed as it comes up to nearly 24 hours of me being awake, and I am almost dead on my feet, so I shall bid you goodnight. Tune in tomorrow for more exciting adventures.


As some of you may know I am a member of the PC Format Forum, which seems to have gone completely mad over the last 24 hours. It started off as a bit of fun, about Forum Pirates, but soon spread into other threads, effectively hijacking the thread (as pirates would do), and later spread to other forums and sites, even Slashdot got invaded, much to the bemusement of the Slashdot regulars. Anyway, it all ended up with the member that started the whole thing being banned, although not for the pirates thread, but for flaming, and a certain amount of members have left in protest. It has split the forum down the centre, although it will probably blow over as many of these things do, and the people that left will more than likely be back.

Yes, it has been a slow day, nothing of interest has really happened, this lack of cash is killing me, and I have just found out that I will not have any cash to go out on my birthday either, I get paid the day after, which is depressing to say the least.

Currently watching Red Dwarf – Series 3 again in DIVX format until I can buy the series on DVD next month.

Its Been…

…another slow day, so today I am going to talk about crisps, or more specifically the packet colours. Why on earth did they decide to change the colour of the packets, I picked up what I thought was cheese and onion flavour, but to my shock when I tasted the contents, it was salt and vinegar flavour. I’m sure that people will disagree, but cheese & onion should be in a green packet, and salt & vinegar should be in a blue packet, its the way it was meant to be, just like the old days, shows how long ago I had bought a packet of crisps, when did they change colours? Anyone know? if so, click on the comments link to let me know.

I was supposed to be going out to the Phoenix tonight to take some more pictures for the website, but I really cant face it tonight, being out 5 of the last 7 days has taken its toll, and my body refuses to do anything that involves any real effort, so its a quiet night in for me, the fact that I only have £2 to my name has something to do with it as well.

I have just watched a programme on BBC1 called ‘The Secret Policeman‘ about racism in the British police force, which I am shocked and appalled at. How can people be racist in such a multicultural society, especially in an institution like the police force.

Currently listening to: The Corrs, ‘In Blue’ album.

To Quote…

..Kerrang, life is loud. I just got back from the Phoenix for yet another live gig, and cant hear anything for the ringing in my ears, standing next to a 10,000 watt P/A system taking pictures isnt advised, but got some really good pictures of the bands. Playing tonight were A Dying Issue, Midasuno and Tribute To Nothing, highly recommended if they come to play near you, they certainly give it their all, falling over the monitor speakers and microphones alike, pictures here. Other than that, my day has been pretty dull, my sleeping pattern is still completely screwed up, so I spent the whole day in bed, eventually surfaced about 4pm, cooked some food, and went out to the Phoenix, so not much else to say other than…

I am listening to: Prayer by Disturbed.