England Football Squad

This morning the discontent between the FA and the England players is still rumbling on. I dont see what they have to complain about, Rio Ferdinand clearly broke the rules, so he should be punished. It seems to me that these players are getting too big for their boots, threatening to go on strike, what do they think their playing at? They are paid (too much in my opinion) to play football, not question the FA’s decisions. If they did strike and England were banned from the European Championship next year, do they think that the country would stand behind their decision, the hell we would.

My First Blog Entry…

Well, after giving a load of thought as what to do with my domain, and not coming up with anything decent or anything remotely unique, I have decided to create a weblog of my life (prepare to be bored to death).

Day One;

In the last few days, I have been suffering from toothache (not nice), taking 8 Anadin Extra capsules in a 6 hour period is not good for your health (dont do it kids), fell asleep for an hour, only to find out that I couldnt move when I woke up as my whole body was numb.

Anyway on to more positive things, I have been generally annoying the neighbours by playing my new Iron Maiden CDs that I picked up last Wednesday (£7 each) at high volumes. Speaking of Iron Maiden, their latest CD, Dance of Death is fantastic, best Maiden album yet, highly recommended, oh did I mention that I going to see Iron Maiden live in Cardiff in December?

Stay tuned for the next exciting installment…