Well, it’s that time of the fortnight again, and I had to make that dreaded trip down to my local jobcentre to sign on. But this time it was well worth it, I managed to find a job vacancy as an ICT technician in a local school (well semi-local, Saltash), which is great as IT jobs have been very few and far between of late. I have given them a call and they seem to be interested, and asked me to send a CV to them, so here’s hoping that I get the job.

The rest of the day has been taken up by helping others (ain’t I a nice guy?). I have been building a site for my friend Ben, and been troubleshooting for my friend in Iceland, Tomas, so its been a pretty packed day all in all.

I am currently listening to Kylie Minogue’s Greatest Hits 87-97 CD, which is suprisingly good pop music, which isnt normally my taste in music as the list of artists on the left hand side indicates.

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