Sleepless Nights

Staying up until 5am on Thursday night fixing my web server, has caused my sleeping pattern to become completely out of sync, so now I cant sleep until 7am in the morning. But the upside of that is that I have been watching some movies, watched Crimson Tide which was on ITV last night, excellent film, (must add to DVDs to get list). Then I decided to watch the Rock In Rio DVD from Iron Maiden to get me into the mood for my trip to Cardiff in December, now I am even more impatient, I wish I could sleep until December, the anticipation is killing me now. I also watched a movie called Collateral Damage, that my dad recorded off Sky TV for me, another good film, surprised that I managed to miss the release of this film completely. In sport I was happy to see the England rugby team playing well, beating South Africa 25 – 6, and even better Plymouth Argyle beat Port Vale 5 – 1, Argyle really seem to be a roll at the moment, keep up the good work lads, we will get promoted yet!

Currently listening to, Slit Wrist Theory by 36 Crazy Fists.

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