Alright, Who Broke The Internet?

I checked my website tonight to find that my whole site had disappeared, but after checking the FTP server, I realised that the site was there, but not viewable. Turns out that there is some sort of major worldwide DNS issue, friends across Europe are having problems, bloody annoying to say the least.

In the news, at the Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman trial, Ian Huntley has said that the girls died in his bathroom, but it was by accident, so why did he hide the bodies and burn their clothes, I think that he’s trying for an insanity plea, so he will get an easy ride. If he really does have mental problems, how on Earth did he get a job in a school? [More Info]

Thats about it for me today as I have spent most of the day in bed, as I am feeling like death warmed up, I hope its not the beginnings of the flu again, already had the flu twice this year. Although people wouldnt let me sleep, 12 bloody phone calls, disturbing my sleep, normally I dont get any calls.

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