CD-R VCD Discs & DVD Players…

I am very annoyed after learning how to create spanned MPEG VCD files to burn to VCD discs, you can only write a maximum of 80 minutes of video to a CD-R, so for longer movies, which most are, you will need to split the VCD MPEG into two parts. Anyway after 3 hours coverting and splitting an AVI movie, and burning the files to CD-R, I find that my domestic DVD player wont read CD-R discs, so I have wasted 3 hours, and 2 CD-Rs, thanks Hitachi for printing in the manual that it will play CD-R, when it clearly doesnt. So in conclusion I can only play the files on a PC, so I might as well saved a disc and burnt it as AVI which was under 700MB.

In the news, I am disgusted to hear that Abdelbaset ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was sentenced and could be out in 27 years on good behaviour, which is think is a disgrace considering he effectively murdered 270 people by blowing up Pan-Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, thats a year for every 10 people that he killed, is that right? in this case, life should mean life, anyone think different? leave a comment. [More Info]

Also in the news, Ian Huntley admits to cutting the clothes off Holly Wells’ and Jessica Chapman’s bodies and burning them, but denies murder. He had already confirmed that they girls died in his house, and now this, how can he plead innocence? but knowing how useless the british legal system is, he will probably get away with it. [More Info]

In technology news, it looks like BT has been confirmed as Britains worst ISP with 0.7 customers in every 1000 being unhappy with the service, followed by Tiscali and Pipex, it looks like I have chosen the right ISP for my broadband connection as Telewest along with Freeserve and AOL (really?) have been revealed as the best, with only 0.2 in every 1000 customers unhappy. [More Info]

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