George W. Bush’s Visit To Iraq

Am I the only person to believe that George Bush’s visit the Iraq was politically motivated with the US elections coming up next year, if it was so top secret, how come it was spread all over the news and papers the minute he had cleared Iraqi airspace. I still thing that it was wrong to go to war with Iraq, thousands died unnecessarily, when there was easier and cleaner ways to depose Saddam’s regime.

In football, my team Plymouth Argyle managed a 2 – 0 win over Colchester, but remained second after QPR beat Sheffield Wednesday 3 – 0, and Barnsley could only manage a 3 – 3 draw with Stockport. Things are really starting to look good for Argyle at the moment, and thankfully the mid season wobble is over.

In Formula 1, its looking increasingly like Justin Wilson will be left out in the cold at Jaguar, not because he is a bad driver, but because the other driver he was competing with can bring in more money for the team. Seems that being a good driver isn’t enough these days, you need to effectively pay for a drive in a formula 1, which Justin Wilson had to do last year with Minardi, but you would have thought that Jaguar with Ford’s backing would have the funds to pay their drivers.

In snooker, I was hoping that Jimmy White might be able to get past Mathew Stevens, but the Welshman was too strong for him, and Jimmy eventually went down 9 – 7, but at least he was playing better than he did last season, so that’s something. If Jimmy cant win, I am hoping that Ronnie O’Sullivan can pull back the 4 frame deficit and beat Hendry to make it to the final against Stevens.

I will be off to the Phoenix tonight, feeling almost human again today, tonight should be an interesting gig as it will be a punk/ska type gig, which have been popular in the past, usually with people trying to injure themselves in the mosh!

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