I guess that I will never learn, went out last night, drank too much, and now I am suffering the in consequences, but when beers cost from just £1 its hard to resist the temptation. Worst of all I promised to help someone move house today, so that should be fun. Before going out drinking, I was sat in the Phoenix, amazingly hardly anyone turned up again, three good bands, and they didnt get the audience they deserved, I know its getting near Christmas, but £2 entry + bottles of beers from £1, surely thats not gonna cost the Earth?

Yesterday I watched WWE Survivor Series, which I find more and more farcical each time that I watch it. Do people seriously believe this is a real sport? I dont believe that any person can be hit by a steal chair, or dustbin, or even a sledgehammer and still get up and keep wresting, in real life they would be out old for some time, or worse killed, bring back the days of real wrestling, or at least make it more realistic, rather than looking like a Hollywood movie.

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