Hunting Haggis’

In a recent survey of US tourists, either visiting or thinking of visiting Scotland, 1/3 of them believed that Haggis was a real creature, and 1/4 of those wanted to hunt Haggis. Are American’s really that stupid or are they completely ignorant of what happens in other countries, I think its a bit of both myself, you just have to look at their commander and chief, George W Bush for evidence of that.

In technology news, strangely enough, its about the Americans again. According to the LA county government, the words “master” and “slave” are offensive and all technological devices need to be labelled with alternative words because they are offensive. Its political correctness gone mad, with the amount of bad language and violence that the Americans churn out yearly in music and movies, they are worried about “master” and “slave”, whats are they thinking of?

Nothing much has happened in my own life really, been relaxing today, feeling a little sore after the workout of yesterday, supposed to be going out to the Phoenix tonight, but I am not sure whether I really feel upto it, I’ll see how I feel when 7pm comes around.

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