Not A Lot Happening…

Today has been slow to say the least, although thats the way I planned it, needed a day of relaxation after being out late for the last 5 nights at the Phoenix. And the fact that my neighbours are noisy bastards, playing dance music all through the night, thump, thump, thump, so in retaliation, I have been playing the heaviest rock albums I have during the day when their sleeping. The Phoenix last night was OK, one highlight was the instrumental group, Relentless, who had an amazing lead guitarist, just a shame that the guitar amp wasnt up to the job against the other amps and the PA system, pictures here. Today I watched Finding Nemo, which I found very entertaining, I had forgooten how good Disney animated movies were, I really liked the ‘Crush’ sea turtle character, who reminded me of a good friend’s personality.

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