All On My Own Again…

Well, I have the flat all to myself again, now the Mad Axeman has returned to his iceberg. I celebrated my freedom by going to the Phoenix (at the request of Katie, who’s birthday it was). It was a really entertaining night overall, although the 8 beers had something to do with it, pictures can be found on the Phoenix Live site as normal (see links on left hand side)

Now, what has happened in the days since the last update, well England have confirmed their superiority in Rugby Union by beating the NZ Barbabrians 42-17 at Twickenham on Saturday [More Info]. Michelle McManus won Pop Idol on Saturday, its nice to see someone that doesnt conform to typical Pop Idol image win for a change, I really hope that she goes on to do really well in the industry.

Not too much else has happened over the last couple of days, due to me feeling ill (again) seems like I picked up the flu again at the Phoenix Christmas party, oh well, thats life I guess.

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