Batteries + Harold Shipman

Last night I went over to the Phoenix as normal to take some pictures of the gig to add to the website, only to find out upon trying to take a picture that the batteries were duds, pressed the exposure button, the flash failed to go off and it beeped at me, displaying low battery, and turned off, that’ll teach me not to take spare batteries, but you expect a brand new set of batteries to last for at least 30 pictures.

The mass murdering GP, Harold Shipman has been found dead in his cell this morning, looking like he took his own life. I do find it amazing that someone could commit suicide in prison like that, surely they should have prison officers on patrol, checking the cells on a regular basis, but more than likely, they were slacking as most people do when they can get away with it. Anyway, he took the cowards way out, all the families of the other people that he was suspected of murdering will never know the truth now.

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