FBI Stickers on CD/DVD/Software

Just read an article on the BBC website, about the FBI considering official FBI anti-piracy stickers on CDs, DVDs, and Software to try to reduce the amount of piracy that is currently going on. Not just that, Piracy will be made the third biggest priority behind terrorism and counter intelligence. The powers that be in the US have lost the plot, third biggest priority for gods sake, there are far worse crimes in the world than people copying CDs or DVDs from their mates. As for the stickers, its not gonna make a blind bit of difference, surely they cant believe that a sticker telling people that its illegal to copy CDs or DVDs is gonna stop them. And wait for it, the fine is $250,000 and a 5 year prison sentence, yeah right, people are gonna pay the fine if they know they are going to jail anyway.

Onto Football, Plymouth Argyle got back to winning ways again, beating Port Vale 2 – 1 at Home Park, but Argyle still remain 1 point behind Bristol City after Bristol beat Wrexham 1 – 0, but Arygle did pull away from QPR by another 2 points as QPR could only manage a 1 – 1 draw against Peterborough. Hopefully this will kick start Argyles challenge for the Division 2 title this year.

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