Migrant Workers

I have been hearing all about migrant workers of the last couple of days, because of the 10 new countries joining the EU, effectively opening European borders for them. In the UK, there is reckoned to be half a million jobs that cant be filled because either people don’t want them or because of a skills gap. It pisses me off that the government wants to bring in migrant workers with the relevant skills, rather than training up UK residents to do the job, and ease the unemployment problem in the UK. In the case of jobs that people don’t want to do, its a different situation, but people who genuinely want to work will do anything to earn a living, lets face it, its not exactly the highest standard of living on Jobseekers Allowance. At least the government have gotten something right, unless they can support themselves, they wont be allowed in the country, unless of course on holiday here, and certainly wont be allowed to claim benefit, maybe the government is starting to get the message after all this time.

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