A sad day for all Plymouth Argyle fans.

Paul Sturrock is to leave the Pilgrims for Southampton, even though he signed a 5-year contract taking him to the end of 2007/08 season, but he had a get out clause in his contract. I really can’t help but feel angry and disappointed by this turn of events after Sturrock recently gave a big speech about what he planned for Argyle. I can understand why he wants to move, more money and glamour in the Premiership, but it doesn’t make the Plymouth fans feel any better, as things were really starting to come together for the team, no amount of compensation from Southampton will change that. I now fear that this move will destabilise the team, and kill off Plymouth’s promotion challenge, I just hope that another manager can be put in place sharpish, to minimise disruption to the team, I really hope that Plymouth can maintain their recent performance record and will be playing first division football next season.

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