Hope Fading…

It’s looking more and more likely that I haven’t got the job at Goss Interactive, its now Wednesday, and they said that they would let me know early this week whether I have got the job or not, so I expect a rejection letter through the post anytime now, sadly. Well if that is the case, I am giving up on working in IT as its impossible to find IT work here in Plymouth! should be interesting finding other work as I have worked in IT all my life, apart from the occasional foray into other things.

Also I had to make one of those dreaded trips to the doctors yesterday to get my hearing checked out as I am getting buzzing and ringing sounds in my right ear all the time, with the occasional bit of pain, which was obviously caused by the excessive volumes in the Phoenix on Sunday evening. I have been advised by the doctor to stay away from gigs for at least a week, I have already missed two gigs, and will miss the gig on Thursday, but I really want to go to the Halo Friendlies gig on Friday.

Another annoyance I have just found while writing this entry up in M$ Word 2000, it’s saying that “I have been advised by the doctor to stay away from gigs for at least a week” is grammatically wrong, and should read “The doctor to stay away from gigs for at least a week has advised I“. What the hell is the stupid piece of software going on about, then again, it’s made by Microsoft, so I shouldn’t be surprised really.

In true ITN tradition, And finally, the phrase “at the end of the day” has been voted the most annoying in the English language, which is quite amusing really as I use that phrase quite a lot in my day to day conversations, other phrases of annoyance are “at this moment in time”, and “with all due respect”.

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