Hope has now jumped on its horse and rode off into the sunset!

Well, it’s official now; I have been rejected for the technical position at Goss Interactive, which doesn’t surprise me in the least as my previous entries on the blog testify. Oh well, must keep positive, although I am going to put the IT work on the backburner for now, an concentrate on getting a job, any job will do, need to start paying off my debts, its been 18 months and the debts are mounting, mainly because of my own stupidity really, but life is too short of worry about whatifs?

Anyway, on more positive note I went back to the Phoenix for the first time since getting partially deafened by the PA on Sunday, and it was a good one to go back to, great gig, and the taste of a few beers helped the night bounce along nicely, got another gig tonight, Halo Friendlies, and Two Day Rule, with Orca (who recently packed out the Phoenix when they did a mini-tour) and my good mates, Whole Truth, should be a big one.

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