It’s Football Time… Again!!!

Well, seems that the Pilgrims march to the division 2 title is still on track, opening up a 7 point gap at the top after a 2 – 0 home win against Peterborough last night, QPR managed a 2 – 0 home win against Wrexham, leapfrogging Bristol City into second place, although QPR and Bristol City have a game in hand over Argyle, which isn’t too much of a problem as Plymouth have a big enough lead for it not to matter as long as they keep up the recent form.

Not a lot else has happened in recent days, been thinking more and more about how the interview went on Monday, and I now think that I wont get the job, mainly because my mind just froze when asked about stuff that I should and do know, don’t know why that happened, I didn’t feel nervous, and was generally relaxed. Guess only time will tell really, I gave it my best shot, if I didn’t try then I would never know. But I also think that its pointless wondering about ‘what if?’ I take life as it comes and grab every opportunity.

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