American TV: CBS

American TV network CBS has seen fit to show pictures of Princess Diana as she laid dying just minutes after the Paris car crash in 1997, CBS defended themselves with the statement “These photocopies are placed in journalistic context – an examination of the medical treatment given to Princess Diana just after the crash – and are in no way graphic or exploitative”. What a load of bollocks, they are still cashing in on this tragic event, seems that American TV producers have no respect or morals when it comes to what they broadcast, it’s all about ratings and to hell with anyone that it might hurt.

It seems that ‘Big’ Ron Atkinson is in hot water after making racist comments against Chelsea player Marcel Desailly after Chelsea’s match against Monaco in the Champions League. It seems a little strange that he would say such a thing really, as he has worked with many black players in his role with the many clubs he has managed over the years. I am not defending him; racist comments are simply not on, no matter who you are!

It’s a crunch weekend for Plymouth Argyle as they host QPR at Home Park, if Argyle can win that match, it will secure Argyles promotion to the first division, and will take the division 2 title even if Bristol City manage to win their 3 remaining games, as they will need to score at least 20 goals without reply to match Argyles goal difference.

Seems that Bernie Ecclestone is up to his old tricks again threatening the British Grand Prix after promotion company, Interpublic who recently paid Ecclestone in excess of £50,000,000 (my, that’s a lot of zeros) to get out of their contract to promote the race. If the British Grand Prix is cancelled from next year onwards, it will be seriously damaging to Formula One in the UK, but I have been getting the feeling that Bernie wants out of Europe completely as restrictions on many aspects of formula one, such as tobacco advertising being banned, cutting the income of many teams, and with tracks popping up all over the middle east and Asia, I can see European races being phased out within 10 years.

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