ARGH!!! Feckin’ Politicians, Shoot Them All Is What I Say!!!

Just read that it may be possible that the Labour government is planning to make national identity cards (including electronically stored personal information and retinal scans, and/or fingerprints) compulsory. I don’t have a problem with carrying one of these cards, as it will make life a lot easier, for example, I would be able to get a bank account without any hassle (which I cant do now), but I do resent that I will have to pay £35 for a standalone identity card, and £77 for a combined identity card and passport. Here’s the sting in the tail, if the government gets their way, after 2013, you will be fined £2,500 if you don’t have a national identity card. I really feel like ramming the whole identity card scheme down the government’s throat, its fine for them with their over-inflated paycheque (which I don’t think they deserve).

Onto brighter issues, today has been a reasonably productive day. It was my first day at Working Links, which went a lot better than I expected, after going to similar places only to be of no use at all. They even got me doing a little bit of computer tuition to the less computer savvy members of the group, which I quite enjoyed and brought back some good memories from when I was still at CC Training. Although after only a few hours sleep last night, I expected to doze off during the day, but managed to stay awake, it’s an early night for me tonight, but I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings, which is great, haven’t felt like that it some time.

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