Day Two + Speed Increase

Day two of my course at Working Links finished early, which is great as I had a load of running around to do, mostly paying bills and stuff like that, at the moment, money seems to go straight through my hands, and into the hands of the utility companies, which means no fun for me! skint already before I have even started!

In more positive news, my ISP, Blueyonder has decided to give all their customers an extra 50% bandwidth for absolutely nothing, nowt, nada. 512kbps users will get 768kbps, 1024kbps users will get 1536kbps, and 2048kbps users with get 3072kbps. I thought there has to be a catch, but I have read the terms and conditions from start to end and no catches, which is great. I will be getting T1 download speeds by the end of May, that’s 192KB/Sec download speed for the layman.

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