Feckin’ Spyware…

Tonight I spent 3 hours upstairs at the Phoenix, fixing problems with spyware, Trojans, Backdoors, and Virii, I was supposed to be watching a band, they sounded quite good from upstairs as well. It was an epic battle to say the least, AVG couldn’t remove the virii automatically, so it was a manual search, which was hindered by the fact that the search function had been disabled, and I couldn’t access ‘Program Files’ or ‘WINNT’ and all the Anti-Virus update sites were blocked in the HOSTS file, and Windows Update kept on crashing. I must admit I really enjoyed the battle of wits against the virii writers, and winning the battle is even sweeter when it involved a fight. I say the battle as its an ongoing war, especially with so many people that are click happy out there, clicking yes to every dialogue that pops up.

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