GMail – Google Email…

Seems that Google could well be in hot water over its proposed new free Email service which will give users 100 times bigger Email boxes than rivals Hotmail, and Yahoo, which suggests to me that it will be 200MB worth of space, along with superior spam filtering, sounds good so far, but here’s the catch. Google will scan each Email for specific keywords, then send you targeted Email to your inbox – “The targeted adverts would use key words after scanning your private e-mail – posting adverts for pharmaceutical products, for example, if a message mentions a medical condition“. You wouldn’t be able to permanently delete any Emails either – “Google’s terms of service did not allow users to delete their emails permanently, despite European data protection legislation which gives users full control over their own communications“. I know that I wont be signing up for this service, I get enough spam as it is, don’t want to add to that, but I suppose it comes down to the old saying! “you don’t get something for nothing”. [Full Story]

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