Insane Manoeuvres + Football Shocks + F1 Speculation!

Today has been pretty slow overall, been feeling a little under the weather, not sat at the computer! laid out on the sofa for much of the day, until about 5pm when I suddenly started feeling better. So I phoned a couple of friends to go for a drink at the Phoenix. But in the end we ended up in a pub on Dartmoor, via some insane off-roading. Attempting even more insane manoeuvres than last time, getting the Range Rover into some obscene angles, don’t know how we didn’t tip over, at one point rolling about 35 degrees and pitching so much that all we could see was sky, certainly gets the blood pumping.

Something that I just found out and brought a smile to my face is that Chelsea have knocked Arsenal out of the Champions League tonight, beating the Gunners 2 – 1 tonight, and winning 3 – 2 on Aggregate, and adding insult to injury, it was at Highbury, Arsenals fortress of recent times. There was another shock in the Champions League tonight as Monaco knocked out the much-fancied Real Madrid, coming back from an aggregate score line of 5 – 2 to bring the scores level at 5 – 5, but Monaco went through on the away goals rule.

Also in football, this time in the less glamorous division 2, QPR could only manage a scoreless draw away at Tranmere Rovers, so QPR move a point closer to Argyle at the top of the table, but still 6 points astray. So like Saturdays games, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and Argyle are still looking strong for the division 2 title.

In Formula One, it seems that rumours are flying about Kimi Raikonnen, and a possible move to Ferrari after three retirements from three races this year so far. It is reckoned that Kimi isn’t happy with McLaren’s performance this year, and is considering his options, so maybe it wont be David Couthard leaving the team at the end of the season, but I cant help thinking that David would be better off at maybe Williams, or even Renault, I would love to see David partner Jenson Button in a BAR, but that’s unlikely to happen.

And Finally, the new less cluttered design for the site has been completed, still needs some tweaking, but its all but finished and has gone live, that’ll be what you are looking at now.

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