New (OS) Ground + Pilgrims News + 400 Not Out

After many months of fighting my Windows 2000 installation, I have finally admitted defeat, when my United Devices (Cancer Project) application decided to get stuck in an endless loop, so I installed Windows XP Professional. I swore that I would never use Windows XP because of all the bugs and security holes, but recently Windows XP has managed to pull its socks up and become a decent operating system, so here I am writing my first article on my new brand new Windows XP installation, so far things have been pretty pleasant, and the added features are really handy, but how will it cope 12 months down the line, guess only time will tell!

In football, it was looking like a good away draw at Bristol City, but seems like it wasn’t meant to be, Lee Peacock broke the hearts of the travelling Pilgrims fans in the 85th minute, Argyle tried their best to get back on level ground with three strikers, but it was too much of an uphill battle. This means that Bristol move to within one point of QPR, and six points behind Argyle. Things are still looking good for Argyle’s promotion prospects, no need to panic just yet, only another four games left to play.

Also in the sports news today was Brian Lara, who destroyed England’s hopes of a whitewash in the West Indies test series pretty much single-handed, making an amazing 400 runs not out, taking the record back from Matthew Hayden.

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