Ruffled Feathers

ooOOoo controversy on my Phoenix Live website, seems that certain bands have taken offence at the review I gave them; I think my review was a fair reflection of the bands performance. I run this site as public service as I am certainly not making any money from the site, infact it costs me, around £15 each month, on hosting charges and batteries for the camera. They have basically now resorted to calling me names;

“He’s clearly just got a chip on his shoulder because his mummy didn’t give him his breast milk” – “I think the review guy should get a slap after saying that sort of stuff about them” – “You’re just a sad act who picks on young bands just to give yourself kicks I wouldn’t be surprised of u still live with your mum” – “The reviews this asshole writes about them every time just because wanted for fraud aren’t gay and wont give him no loving”

That’s just three of the many things that have been said against me, nice to see that maturity wins out again! seems that I am not allowed to have an opinion these days unless its to say something nice about the bands, I really do wonder why I bother sometimes, maybe I should just disappear and become anonymous again.

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