So Close, But Yet, So Far…

Jenson Button couldn’t manage his first win after taking pole position yesterday, although he did manage to finish a strong second only 9.7 seconds behind winner Michael Schumacher, and almost 12 seconds ahead of Juan Pablo Montoya. I did have concerns that Jenson had a really low fuel load in qualifying to beat Schumacher to pole, but Michael only had a further two laps of fuel, so it was genuine pace from Jenson’s BAR Honda, so the future is looking good for both Jenson and BAR Honda. Even Michael Schumacher praised Jenson’s pace during the weekend, which is high praise indeed coming from him. Jenson has consolidated his 3rd position in the drivers championship and has moved within 1 point of Michael’s Ferrari team-mate, Rubens Barrichello. At the pace Jenson has shown over recent weeks, he must be on for his maiden win this season, he certainly deserves it!!!

On a personal front, I have reviewed my first gig at the Phoenix since ‘the incident’ last Thursday, although the review was generally good for all the bands, but 69 Reasons Why took the best band of the night badge. I have seen these guys grow as a band in the last six months, they have read my previous reviews of them and took my comments onboard and have improved vastly! all they need now is a fan base to support them, as they have everything else.

Tomorrow I have to go to the first day of a three-day course at Working Links, need to be there at 9:30am, so that means I need to be up for 8am, and its already gone past 2am now, and I don’t feel tired in the slightest, so I can see myself nodding off during the day sometime, damn my insomnia.

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