Stella Artois Hates Me!

Last night I went out with a mate firstly to The Phoenix, then onto Voodoo Lounge, even though I didn’t drink much, I woke up this morning feeling like death warmed up, this only ever happens when I drink Stella Artois, so I have come to the conclusion that it hates me, any other drink and I’ll be fine, but Stella has a weird effect on me, even after just one pint. Personally I don’t buy Stella anymore, but when people buy me drinks, they just assume and 90% of the time I end up with Stella.

Continuing on from yesterday, Adam went to court today, just a formality really, but the social workers that came to visit yesterday with the police, were nit-picking at my flat behind my back, I hate people that say things against people behind their backs, when the person in question cant defend themselves, If they cant say it to a persons face, then they should keep their fuckin’ mouths shut. I wish that I went to the courtroom with Adam now; I would have given them a piece of my mind. It turned out that they didn’t even need to be there, it was only supposed to be the police; they just wanted to be nosy bitches.

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