Working Links + Formula One Shake-up

It’s been a relatively busy day for me, firstly down to the jobcentre to sign on at 10:20am (or at least that’s what I thought). Upon attempting to sign on, I was informed that I had an interview with an advisor at 10:40am, which I knew nothing about. The letter actually arrived after I had already left home; anyway, I was referred to Working Links, which I was told by my previous advisor “it isn’t very nice”. I actually managed to get an appointment with Working Links the same day, at 1:15pm infact. I thought that Leanne, my advisor at Working Links was very nice, and talked a lot of sense, being realistic about what I can achieve, but still let me explain what I want, rather than the usual, you are going to do this attitude. So overall I am feeling quite positive, and will be starting a three-day course on Monday, at 9:30am.

Onto Formula One, Max Mosley is proposing a lot of changes by 2008, including;

2.4 litre V8 engines, which must last two races.
I don’t think this is such a good idea really, as the differences in engine performance will still be higher for the bigger budget teams. The only way it could work would be if all the teams had identical engines, which would highlight driver skill.

A return to manual gearboxes + ban on traction control and power steering.
I have been suggesting this for some time, so I agree wholeheartedly with this, make it a driver’s sport again, rather than an 800bhp computer.

No tyre changes during race and one tyre supplier only.
I also agree with this, takes away the advantage of having superior tyres, which Bridgestone do at the moment.

12 teams on grid.
Definitely agree with this, unless it’s a slow team like the old Forte Team whose cars, were known as mobile chicanes as they were lapped so many times in a race.

No spare cars allowed during race weekend.
This should make things interesting, as the teams would have to be more careful with the cars, at the moment; a million pound car is almost throwaway to the bigger budgeted teams.

So overall, I think that the changes will be beneficial to Formula One, both in more being more competitive, and better as a spectator sport, in recent years, Formula One has almost become boring and its looking like it will be another year of the same with Ferrari dominating the proceedings.

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