Tonight I went to a gig at the Phoenix, (oh, what a surprise, its not like I go there every other day is it?) to see a band called Five Knuckle, that I managed to miss the first 3 times that they played at the Phoenix. Everyone that I spoke to about the previous gigs said that it was amazing, so I was really looking forward to this one. But when they eventually came on at 10:30, I felt really disappointed by their performance, at best I thought they were average, and the general atmosphere just wasn’t in the venue tonight, maybe people have seen Five Knuckle too many times and become bored of them. I was more impressed with the second band on, World Escapes, I didn’t want to be saying this after the gig, but that’s the way it is.

In Formula 1, all ten teams have agreed to the new regulations proposed by Max Mosley, which includes smaller engines, banning electronic aids, one tyre manufacturer (and maybe a return to slick tyres) which came as a surprise to me, and to Max Mosley, by the sounds of the reports about the meeting. It went so well that, the proposals maybe phased in as soon as 2006.

Also, just been reading up on the sasser worm that is doing the rounds on the net at the moment, I haven’t been infected and don’t intend to get infected by the worm either, all it takes is up to date anti-virus and firewall, even if that means using the Microsoft firewall built into Windows XP, and download the Windows Updates as they become available. But the reason I brought this up is because of the misinformed people that say that if you use a Apple Mac or a UNIX/Linux based PC, you wont be affected by viruses, what they hell are these people on, both Mac’s and UNIX/Linux systems have vulnerabilities, same as Windows, but Windows based machines are targeted more as they are more widespread, and as much as it pains me to say it, Microsoft updates are frequent and they are generally pretty quick off the mark patching vulnerabilities. You can read some of the rubbish that people have spouted here.

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