I am going to treat you, lucky readers you!

Due to feeling like shit (damn you! nasty virii!), and not being able to sleep, I am going to treat all you readers (why exactly do you read this? Answers on a postcard!) to another entry. First thing of importance, my laptop has met with an unfortunate demise, due to a fist related technical failure. The fan on the laptop was making a high-pitched whinny noise, which was seriously pissing me off, so I gave it a swift smack and now it is sulking because I gave it a hiding for its whinning and now wont start.

Further to my earlier Formula One rant, it now seems that its standard practice to do a brake test in the middle of dark tunnel, and guess who said that? Yes, that’s right it’s the elder Mr. Schumacher, and his Ferrari team. He said “The tunnel was not even the first place I had done it as I had used the same procedure earlier in the lap” – I think it’s just an excuse for his own incompetence. But just for a change, Juan Pablo Montoya got the nod from the stewards over Schumacher, clearing him of all responsibility, maybe the FIA are finally getting wise to Schumacher’s dirty tactics. It’s not even the first time he has done this, he did exactly the same thing to Jenson Button back in 2000, when he had to take avoiding action and went off the track!

It seems that Paul Sturrock will be returning to Home Park with Southampton for a pre-season friendly on the 31st of July, I’m sure the fans will give the Scotsman a warm welcome as he has done so much for the club. But it would be sweet irony if the Pilgrims could beat The Saints, plus it will give the Argyle players a huge boost for the start of their division 1 campaign! Plymouth are currently strengthening their squad for the challenge of division 1, and are thought to have secured Mathias Doumbe, from manager, Bobby Wiliiamson’s previous club Hibs, and will have talks with midfielder Lee Makel, although I do wonder who will have to make way for these two players.

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