Road Works!!!

I had an appointment with Leanne from Working Links this morning, nothing strange about that, but I was late for the appointment by 3 minutes because of goddamn road works. The road was closed off, which I didn’t realise as the sign saying so was hidden in the corner, so I walked pretty much to where I was going to only to be stopped and sent back from where I came, and was sent on a very roundabout way to get to where I was going, which cost me ten minutes making me late for the appointment. All these road works are simply to build another shopping centre, like the city centre needs another shopping centre, it’s a waste of time and money in my opinion, not to mention closing a major car park, what the hell are they thinking, there is already a parking problem without car parks being closed. Why cant they spend the money on healthcare or even on something that needs fixing like the crumbling sea front which is a major attraction for visitors, rather than wasting money building more shops, how many department stores does a city centre need.

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